Monday, May 9, 2016

Staying in touch with friends is good for your health

Recently I had someone tell me that I needed to work on my friendships. At first I was offended , I was insulted and hurt. Then as some time passed I slowly begun to see what he meant. What he meant was it's good for your health for your mental stability to maintain some kind of contact with other humans in your life... you just can't shut everyone out of your life and expect to be healthy and sane. You have to have somebody to talk to ,to listen to your problems, to understand where you're coming from, it's essentially free therapy. Everybody needs somebody to talk to and so today I went outside of my depression box that I love to hole myself up in and I went to my friend's house. The reason I didn't want to go to my friends house was because she was actually my next door neighbor ,my ex husband still lives next door to her and it would just be quite awkward. Today I didn't give a shit though, today I felt a little rebellious and I'm glad I did. It was good to see them they were actually happy to see me . I'm surprised considering the fact that I had abandon them completely about 6 months ago when I went through the divorce, it just felt weird ;it's like he got them in the divorce and then I realized that I can't let him win. These are my friends too and I'm taking them back, no I'm taking back my power. I will not be intimidated by him to avoid my old life because it doesn't mesh with his new one. Let's face it ..we all know I was the fun one anyway. Lol
Later that evening I saw another friend and visited with her a while and that felt good too. She's going thought a lot no one knows about and before I left the neighborhood I kinda had a support system going for us all. When someone was sick or needed help we were all there for each other. I even named us the Heatherglen hoodrats, but when I left and even before as my marriage crumbled so did our camaraderie. That was the biggest blow to me,worse than the divorce was the friendships I had established... I let fall apart in my depression,we all did. Well I'm going to try and fix that now if it's not too late.
That's why it's healthy to maintain friends. You don't have to spend every waking moment with them but time to time check in on them when you're thinking of them and let them know you care. It can mean the world to them, I know it does to me when people think of me.
So now I see what he meant when he said I needed to spend time with other people besides him. Its not that I'm getting on his nerves but there is a certain satisfaction seeing old friends and catching up. So do me a favor, if you're thinking of someone;text them or call or swing by and let them know you care. You could actually save a life and not even know it.