Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Social media ...the devils playground.

Over the past several years I'm sure we can all agree that the internet has grown immensely and also has shaped our lives and our kids lives in one way or another. It has brought people together and also has torn them apart. Social media is what I refer to as the "devils playground." We have access to so many people, media, things, that it is overwhelming. It has caused people to also disconnect from reality. We don't talk to one another In person anymore,we don't call. Instead we text,email and Skype. It teaches us and our children to disconnect from emotions and reality and you wonder why children snap and kill crowds of people without remorse? WE DID THIS! That's right WE as a society as a whole WE trained them to be this way,to be desensitized. I see people hand their babies cell phones and IPADS to play with as a distraction instead of blocks and checkers and legos. We teach them to log on to an object and stare blankly into it. You defend it saying it teaches them! No! You teach them! Quit being lazy.
The Indians and certain cultures believed that if you allowed someone to take a picture of you it would steal your soul, well the same can be said of computers and phones. We allow our kids to "log on" and log out of the real world. We too do this and I myself am guilty. I have a Facebook addiction as do many of us. Its okay to look at the internet ,it's just not okay to look at it first thing in the morning before you have had your coffee or said good morning to your family. Come on you know we all have done this and it's sickening really. I am learning to let it go slowly. For instance when I'm out with my man I don't feel the need to check in all the time. I share many experiences with him and don't post it all on social media. Other things I do share and then I think how presumptuous of me to assume that everyone gives a shit about what I'm doing. Who am I? Princess Michele? No I think not... No one cares what I'm doing with my life and if they do...well they need to get their own back. I don't care that you ate food today,in fact I assume you did. I don't care if you checked into a certain place...that's your business not mine and if I was a good friend you would call me and tell me about your day instead of posting it. I'm short it needs to stop.
We constantly say that our kids are ungrateful, can't relate to us, expect everything handed to them. Well we did this to them, they learned instant gratification from the world wide web. My God do you remember what it was like to go outside and play, to feel the wind on your face and ride your bike until dark. Our curfew was when the light posts came on not when mom and dad called our cell phone or texted us. We ate at the dinner table and talked about our day, there were no toys allowed at the table and a phone is a toy. We had to sneak to the kitchen to call someone and if we wanted privacy we hoped we had a very long cord to take it to our room and lock the door. We yelled out our window to our friends to play, if we hear a kid yelling now we assume they are being murdered since everyone texts each other. We are becoming estranged from humanity and in turn we do bad things.
Please do me a favor today after reading this put down your phone, iPad etc. Take your kids phone away too and go outside... it's a beautiful day. Log off of Facebook and Instagram for one day I challenge you. If you can do that ,well there just may be hope for mankind after all.