Monday, March 14, 2016

The side effects of living alone...but let's focus on the good shall we?

So here I am , sitting here typing away at this stone age contraption I call a computer. Why do I do this you ask? Well it's simple really, mostly...because there's not a damn thing left to do in this Godforsaken lonely house, apartment, home..whatever you call this dwelling I take up space in. I wouldn't really call it living, but more or less passing the time until I can figure out what I'm doing with my life. I've swept floors, vacuumed , done dishes, organized my bookshelves by size and author, went to the gym, watched tv. and now there is nothing left to do but write and as I do I sit here and drink a beer and smoke a cigarette. Yeah I said smoke a cigarette , by God it's my place and I do what the hell I want in it now. That actually is a perk of living alone but it's not exactly comforting.Someone encouraged me to write to distract myself I guess but I'm pretty sure he didn't mean like this. Oh well I sucked at direcetions my whole life why start doing it right now?

This is why I need to explore my life and what I want from it.It's time to try and focus on the good things since life has forced me to.So here's a quick checklist to not make this so sad.

1. I get to run around naked all day at home.

2. I don't have to cook for anyone unless I want to.

3. The King size bed I have is all mine.

4. I don't have to hear bullshit anymore.

5.  I can use the bathroom with the door open!

6. See # 1

Now I'm not gonna say I love it because I don't but I need to focus on the good things or I'll depress us all. LOL It's a shitty journey but I am not alone. I have friends that are going through this too and they can relate I'm sure and that's partly why I write this.You are not the only ones, don't be discouraged, I am here with you too. We are all in the same boat and as I sit here and write this I hear the sounds of apartmentdom, racoons in the trash, kids screaming, hammering on walls, cars honking, shitty city life and ya know what? This too shall pass.........

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