Thursday, March 24, 2016

Divorce the final frontier

Today I finalized my divorce , it wasn't a walk in the park or anything but it felt good to close that chapter of my life. I also realized it was the right decision and I was never more sure of that than today. It started out with him texting me asking me when and where. I explained he needn't show it was all signed and agreed upon and it was a formality to just have the judge sign and date it. No, of course he had to say, but it's a momentous occasion and I wouldn't miss it for the world. -_-
He was going to be a DICK...awesome! (insert fake enthusiasm here)  I bite my lip give him the address yet again and be on my merry little way. I know what he wants , he wants a rise out of me. Why is the question? I mean I am giving him everything basically just to be able to walk away sane, well...sane enough.

We get to the courthouse and thank God my friend came with me for support. I also spot another friend that works there. She consoles me and says it will all be okay and to ignore him, welllll that is hard to do for me, it's just not in my DNA. I am an open mouth insert foot gal, but I was pretty good today mostly because I don't look good in orange jumpsuits and I like my makeup. So here we are waiting for the doors to open at 8am and here he strolls in hand, me wanting to shove it in his smug little face. I bite my lip and think of unicorns and puppies....devouring him...i mean happy fluffy puppies! (Ahem) Anyway he strolls in all non chalant like and I don't even look his way. I won't give him the satisfaction today. GO FUCK YOURSELF   I think to myself and smile so big that the moon was envious. He's not getting to me today, these days are over and I have a bright future ahead of me now. We go in sit down and wait to  be called to court. As While we wait he proceeds to bitch at me about closing a joint credit card account we had together because of his inability to pay, or ignorance..whatever. I apologize but explain I had no choice and we were going to close it anyway eventually and yes I understand our credit took a ding, yeah yeah yeah. It's a divorce bub NEWS FLASH!! that happens. I explain to him that the beautiful gold wedding band I bought him can fetch a decent price if he were to sell it and he could pay it down some. He turns glares at me and say "You worry about you and I'll worry about me" I literally want to burst out laughing at this because not two days before I joked with my boyfriend about that statement. A little girl on YOUTUBE has a clip where she tells her dad "You worry bout you, YOU DRIVE!!!"

 She is so cute and hilarious I just want to start laughing in his face. He sounds like that 3 year old, bahahahaha, I then realize yes this 50 year old man is throwing a tantrum and I laugh internally. I'm over this and ready to move forward. I don't understand why he's being an ass when he has a girlfriend and has moved forward too? WTH hell man don't you want this to be over as well? This is almost over I say to myself and then they call us. We go up to the bench we answer some questions and the judge wasn't too impressed with his attitude either. He stamps it signs it and we're off! Yissssssss, I'm free!!!! I feel like this...
So then we leave the courtroom and I proceed to the bathroom where he then stays behind and then bashes my good name to my friend. My friend abruptly puts him in his place and sends him away where he gets his unhappy ass on an elevator and leaves my life forever. FIN 

That 's all the time we have  for today's short story on divorce children...join us next week on how to get away with murder. :)


  1. Girl, you knew the real him, you were just way too patient and optimistic that he would get better.

    1. I suppose I did, I never liked to give up on something but the love was gone and it was too late. I now look back and realize it wasn't love but companionship, I have found love and it feels very different.