Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Random acts of kindness day should be called random acts of Assholes day

So as you all know today was random acts of kindness day although it was anything but. Today I was almost ran off the road, people were racing me, giving me dirty looks, and just flat out being rude. Today was an eye opener people should be kinder to one another but it seems lately our society is so stressed out that they've done anything but be kinder, they've actually been a lot shittier. I hope for your sake today that you open the door for someone, bought them a coffee, helped an old lady cross the street, or anything that would help me prove otherwise that humanity is dead in us. Is it still alive somewhere deep within within us? I am starting to lose faith in us as a society, we no longer do kind things for one another, we no longer hold doors open, carry peoples groceries for them unless we're paid, or help a needy family unless we receive credit for it. When you do something for someone it says in the Bible that you're supposed to give without credit which means you do it in silence you don't post it on Facebook ,you don't shout it out to the world "hey I did this I'm super special, I'm a kind person because I did a nice thing." You just continue to do nice things every day for people out of the kindness of your heart not just for one solitary day and certainly not for credit. Tonight I'll say a prayer that I wake up tomorrow and people will be kinder. Think about that tomorrow when you're on the road or at work.

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