Tuesday, January 5, 2016

RIP Peanut beloved companion

Today was a horrible day in the events of days. Today I had to put my Peanut my precious dog down. He had been sick for a while and he was old, he lived a good life but it was still very hard to do. I got a call this morning from my ex that Peanut wasn't doing well and to meet him at the vet, there we all decided this was the best and most painless solution. We waited in the room with him while they gave him a sedative and we held him and comforted him as he drifted off to sleep. I haven't cried that hard in a long time, well since my step mother died.

It's sad to think that I cried harder for the death of this beautiful creature more than I did my own divorce. There is just something about our pets that make them more than that.They are family, our furry and feathery babies. There is no describing what I endured emotionally today and what my ex did as other than heartbreaking. I stayed and watched the light leave his eyes and I cried and cried so much that I could have cried an ocean. I came home and let my dogs his brothers sniff me and catch his scent and then I cried some more. They licked away my tears and they made small howling noises as well as if they knew, like they could smell his death all over me.

There is no moral here , no happy ending, no joke to make you laugh. Just a sad , sad, blog on how I feel in hope that putting it down I somehow send out the pain into the world and be rid of it. To many who read this he was just a dog, but to me he was our buddy, our companion and he deserved more than this. Sadly there are no charity programs for vets like there are for people and hospitals to absorb the cost, so I guess there is a moral. The moral is if you're a pet you're screwed thanks to our system. It would be nice for people who truly care for animals and have the facility to take care of them donate their services to people like me who are financially strapped and cannot afford four thousand dollar surgeries. Even if he had the surgery chances were slim as he was old and frail, so treasure your fur babies while you have this short time with them.

                                                                 R I P PEANUT 

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