Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Unfortunately you can't upgrade to Windows 10...story of my life until now.

I am just gonna dive right in here and for any of you that truly know me, know that this isn't unusual. I am ..what some call a bit of a wildcard. I am unpredictable and at best semi crazy and God help the man that love me, for he must be a strong one.

So today I turned on the computer and decided to blog, between you and me I had a few glasses of wine and felt a little talkative, forgive the type O's... so here it goes.... I turned on the computer tonight and by turned on I mean I had to light flint to get this monstrosity to ignite! My computer is from the stone ages, now granted it does not run MS-DOS, ENIAC or use floppy disc's but it's not far off according to Bill Gates i/e Windows 10. So here I am sitting in front of my outdated computer and it is offering me a FREE upgrade to Windows 10! I am ecstatic ..I get to upgrade...yay me!!!! Until when I try to download it and I get a BIG , FAT , NO! No Mrs Popish you are sadly running a computer that cannot run nor handle Windows 10 because you acquired your terminal when Jesus was changing water into wine. Well it didn't say that but something to that effect, you get the picture.

Anyway this is generally the story of my life, 1 day to late to claim that coupon, a few numbers off the lotto jackpot, the one in 10 to have something horrific happen to them. You can imagine my concern when the Ebola outbreak happened. Ahem, anyways to get to the point GOD HATES ME or has a strong dislike for me. Perhaps I ransacked and pillaged villages ,taking lives and making orphans of small children or I invented the poison dart in another life. I don't know what it is but my number is always up in this life to have the shitacular luck, until this year.

 I met a guy. Now some of you are saying OMG I thought she was still married, let me tell you...NO! Thank God because I couldn't take another day of that shit. Anyways this guy,, he's the bees knees, awesome, spectacular and I do believe the love of my life. Sometimes God pushes you in new directions, puts you through hell, only to have you emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon and that's what happened here. I AM A BUTTERFLY and I am emerging from years of dormancy. I put MY life on the backburner for my ex , sacrificed my happiness, family and dreams for him and in return I received...nothing. One can only do that for so long before one says..FUCK THIS. Ten years I invested in  a sacrificial marriage and I never received any sacrifice in return. He had his dreams, his happiness and his life and I had shadows and darkness and sadness and finally ENOUGH! I will not be that person again, I will not sacrifice my beliefs, heart or life's journey to please another. Either we are compatible and you are with me or you're not. Fortunately with the man I found we are on the same page, he and I think alike in some ways and in others we don't but we always  have a middle ground. He is a blessing to me and I feel a deep connection to him and I am thankful.

So for life dealing me a shitty hand I say FU ;) cause that shit don't fly no more. I am taking charge of my life and refuse the shitty end of the deals now. Fate can go fuck it, I am my own master and I command my YOU should yours.

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