Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Season of Perpetual Joy? Not all of life's gifts come wrapped in a box

Today was a horrible day and come to think of it yesterday was too! Oh hell this whole week has sucked, who am I kidding. It all started Monday when I called in sick to work and had to go to the Dr to get a shot and some antibiotics. I came down with some upper respiratory infection and needed meds fast. I got my meds and then left the Dr's office in a hurry to get home and in my haste I got pulled over. I was coughing my head off and clearly was sick , the officer didn't care. I explained the situation and I'm sure he's heard it all before but I was hoping that in his heart during this season that at least seeing me in the state I was in, would cut me some slack. No dice..nope wasn't happening, there was literally no way in hell he was gonna let me slide. I could have puked up blood and he would have wrote that ticket anyway. I signed for the ticket almost in tears because at this point I'm tired, sick and roided up. I started to drive off and he said feel better tempered flaired! Feel better! I would have felt better if you didn't write me the fucking ticket! It made me wonder where his holiday spirit was. I would think at the holidays at least that he would have a little more compassion, but I suppose he had a quota to meet.

Then today I was delivery person and I was ran ragged. I was driving all over the DFW area and including delivering to the cemetery wreaths that were as big as myself. I was worn down by the end of the day and ready to be done with this day, as I was driving though I saw several homeless people and I thought to myself how blessed I am even when I am struggling because they are struggling more. It made me think that somehow , somewhere, we got lost along the way and Christmas became more about receiving than giving, more about gifts than love, more about materialism than sacrifice. What happened to our society? When did it fall apart and how did we let it get this far? We are all so wrapped up with our phones and clothes and social events that we do not stop and breath and take the time to see what a beautiful life we have and appreciate it. So many other have nothing, not even a home and even though I am struggling to pay my bills as a single mom, I am truly blessed for what I do have. We need to stop and realize that the homeless person on the street , could easily be us one day if we don't focus on our lives and goals and worry less about what we want and more about what we truly need. Like for instance today my co worker Sara and I were both sick, she looked like she was going to cry and I felt like it too and so I went over to her to hug her and we both felt a little relief. We were sick but sick together and it was nice to know that we were not alone, that we felt bad for one another. There was compassion there and that's what we all need these days to stay connected. We didn't exchange gifts, just hugs and maybe some germs,but we gained so much more. 

I want you all to take five minutes to STOP and BREATHE and FOCUS on what you do have in your life. Now I want you to THINK , who in your life do you see struggling, do you see needs a kind word? Yes, even words have the power to move us and set our life back on course again. It is the smallest gestures that stir our hearts and help us as humans to get through life. Not everyone has this in their life, but everyone needs it. So STOP and think who in your circles needs, help, encouragement, love? Then I want you to give that to them, for once let's stop thinking only of ourselves and think of someone else. You never know who's life you will change.

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