Sunday, December 13, 2015

Refugees or potential threats..decisions, decisions

For any of you keeping up with the news lately know that we are in serious times. Our President and government are accepting what many like to call" refugees" into our country and the majority of "refugees" are being sent to Texas. In 2014 Texas had received more "refugees" from all over than any other state. This happens to make sense, since we are a large state, but ENOUGH already. Can we not see as a nation that WE are struggling here in our economy, that WE cannot even feed our people , yet WE are accepting more and more "refugees" on a daily babsis and promise to clothe, feed and support them? How? How are we as a nation going to do this when just in Texas alone in 2014 we had 19,177 persons homeless and 578,000 in the US on any given night. So what's another 10,000 huh Mr. President?

Did you know that six of the attackers in the Paris attack had ties to Syria? Yet, we keep taking in Syrians and mind you that these Syrian "refugees" are mostly men. Yes people the United Nations notes that 75% of them are men!!!!! What are we doing? Sleeping? Can you not see this is a subtle takeover? It starts with 10,000 then they come in droves. Where are the women and children? If they left them back home what kind of men are these? Not men I would want in my country. The best way to takeover a country is to overpopulate it and then bend it's laws to their will with threats of lawsuits if they can't exercise their rights to  Sharia Law. This is ridiculous!!!! We all have our right to exercise religious freedoms except when those rights advocate violence against women and murder. Like Aisha Duhlowa who was stoned to death at the age of 13 after being gang raped and accused of being promiscuous. Now I want you to read that article thoroughly and tell me if that was your daughter how would you feel? You need to think about it long and hard because when we become overpopulated with the Muslim community that enforce Sharia law that, will be our reality. We will be reduced to a third world country. I am not saying all Muslims are bad, I know some I also know that they have lived here their whole lives and follow our laws of the United States, humane laws by most standards and live in peace with us, however these people we are letting flood our country are mostly men with radical beliefs and it will only be a matter of time before we allow them to destroy our world.

States on board with not allowing anymore Syrians in are these as follows, Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Louisiana, Georgia, North and South Carolina and the list is growing. That is a lot of states by my count Mr President and sadly if this issue is pushed further I believe we will see riots here in the U.S. so bad it will make Ferguson look like field day at an elementary school. Hillary Clinton says that if elected she will continue to allow and encourage refugees from Syria and elsewhere into the U.S. That terrifies me and others and if we have learned anything from our past is that when we are scared of something we become a violent society. Violence is the way we respond by human nature to things we fear and this WILL get ugly. These ISIS terror groups are ruining it here for peaceful Muslims and now we are not sure who our enemies are so we respond with rightfully fear and hate. Unfortunately it is to all Muslims now, because we fear what we are unsure of. I pray that we stop this insanity and bring no more MEN from Syria into our country who to me look more like a war pack than refugees. Show me some scared women and children and maybe I would feel different but at the same time the radical Islamists are training their kids to kill us while we coddle ours. We teach tolerance and they teach hate. We are screwing our kids out of a country freedom, I'm not saying let's get redneck and teach them to kill them but I am saying teach them to be leary of all situations and to look at all aspects of a situation, not to hold their hand and coddle them as well.

At this point Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants are the only solace we have for a brighter tomorrow, because when the radical Islamists come knocking at our door like they did in England demanding we change our lifestyle to fit their Koran ; the Mexican community will not take well to that. Catholicism is a way of life for them and they are the only ones that can populate as fast as Muslims. They are our last hope now I believe and I don't know about you but I'd rather be Catholic any day over the latter.
Before you judge me too harshly stop and think about the bigger picture people. Think what we want for our future generations. In closing I leave you with this picture and tell they look harmless? They look desperate and desperation leads to destruction.

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