Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Orange is in fact the new black!

No this isn't a blog about fashion or prison ,but it is about life changes.
I have been watching that series OITNB and it's taught me some things about life. Right now I'm going through a rough patch and I like to refer to that series to make sense of my life. In fact I find it funny that I dislike Piper so much but can also relate to her in some way. I over think everything, try to be the peace keeper, always open my mouth when it should be shut and most of all hold stuff in until I snap! Next thing you know I'm beating the shit out of some chick in a parking lot.
Mostly I like Red, she's a sassy, smart, tough ,Russian cook in the prison who no one wants to piss off. She is also very good hearted and wants to take care of "her girls"as she calls them, until they turn on her. I can relate to that too..when you thought you had a friend but they stab you in the back? You have to be careful of those false friends that smile and hug you only to pray you fall down. They are the worst and saddest of all because their life is so miserable and seeing you suffer makes them feel better.
Getting back to show ,I love the fact that even though they are all different races and religion's that they come together as a family of women looking out for each other even though they are diverse. Ultimately that's it ladies we only have each other sometimes because we are the only ones that can relate to another woman. Men cannot do this nor can we relate to them. So when a female is your friend and disrespects you, then that is a sad day because we are women and if we can't trust men we should at least be able to trust each other. So with that I end this story with...life's a bitch but karma is worse my friend. ; )

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