Tuesday, September 29, 2015

In the wake of disaster ...comes the vultures.

Well ladies you all know what I'm talking about. Anytime a woman breaks up or gets a divorce and is on the market again the vultures swarm. Frankly I find it disturbing that any self respecting man would pounce on someone in such a fragile state but alas it happens. Now I know you guys reading this are " well she is on the market and you women want us to pay attention to you" Whoever just said that to themselves is probably a vulture because the self respecting man would give you space to breathe and not crowd you, flirt with you and make inappropriate comments to you via Facebook, text, email whatever.

That's right you down and dirty scoundrels I'm talking about you! Let me just lay it out now shall I?
If you ever thought you had a shot, well by acting like a complete ass you lost it. I would probably rather have honey slathered all over me and then fire ants unleashed upon me than go out with someone who treats me like a piece of meat. Also I rather like being on my own, no one to answer to and I certainly don't want some vulture!

The other day I was on POF trying to check on something for a friend but had to make up a profile to do so..with  no pic and my first date bio reading My perfect first date would be to murder you, throw you in my trunk, take your body to the woods and watch the birds peck your eyes out slowly. " I still got 25 hits in an hour! WTF! I mean really? There are some sick fuckers out there and needless to say I won't be looking anything up for anyone again.

There is a fine line of genuine concern and downright fishing! Just the other day I was out at the grocery store and I was approached by some random guy asking if I needed help getting something off the top shelf at which I replied quickly "No". "Are you sure" he asked...I thought to myself "No I'm a complete idiot and invalid and can't do shit by myself" I retrieved it all by my lonesome and went about my shopping to which he stalked me through the store and finally asked me out to coffee. My reply "No but thank you" He said "Awww come on not even a friendly coffee?" To which I swiftly replied "No I'm sure I said no already" at that point he had already creeped me out stalking me and then pressuring me to go out just pissed me off. Let me tell you ,I am not like other girls, I am rude and straight forward and if I wanted to go out with you you'd know, I am pretty assertive after all. The point is this, just because there is no ring on my finger doesn't mean that I need someone, in due time I will be with someone again that can hear a tune only my heart plays, but right now I want space as do all other women going through this. We don't need a knight in shining armour or a "booty call" my booty is just fine thank you. It's probably a miracle I even got married in the first place and you know what I'm okay with it.

So for all you "vultures" BACK THE FUCK OFF PLEASE. We do not need you nor want you or your harassing remarks such as beautiful, gorgeous, sugar, honey etc.. I am not any of those to you unless you are my boyfriend got it! I don't need friends like that in my life anyway. The rest of you that have been respectful THANK YOU it is appreciated and I note your genuine concern. So with that being said ladies please know that you are not alone.

(side note) Please gentlemen respect these women and don't appear desperate ,it's very unattractive. For those of you who are good friends , keep up the good work and give her her space as needed. : )

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