Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gun control and random acts of violence

As we all have heard in the media Allison Parker and Adam Ward have been horrifically and tragically murdered. They both had a bright and promising future ahead of them and it was stolen from them and their loved ones. Sadly this happens all too often these days because it seems the world is full of more and more rage.
I know now with this being thrown up in our face by social media ,they are going to push for stronger gun laws. With that being said the problem is not guns, the problem is people!  People are stressed out now more than ever. We are constantly being pushed over the edge by pressure at work, society, life has become more stressful than it was 50 years ago.
The signs were there for this killer and several people ignored the signs, he was unstable and no one wanted to deal with it, he was a time bomb waiting to explode.
People will call for stronger gun laws and in some respect I agree,but I do not think that taking our guns away is a solution, nor when every thug on the street has illegal access to them. There really is no "gun control" that can be done. It wasn't a gun that killed them and it wasn't a "black man" it was a crazy man with hate and rage in his heart. The facts are people that whether we have guns or not , murder is still possible. This man could have had a knife or even a pipe or rock and came up and killed them. If you have the intent in your heart then you WILL find a way. It's not the object that kills them it's all you.
Now they are spinning it into racially motivated attack. I think this is complete bullshit. I don't care what color you are crazy is crazy! CNN and all the other news channels are jumping on this now and all it will do is fuel the fire of hate instead of compassion and love for all the families involved. I have a news flash for you THE MEDIA IS KILLING THIS COUNTRY!  They are fueling anger, racism,  hate for religions and we are buying into the bullshit!  Stop it! Quit being sheep, look around you and who you associate with black, white, Asian, Jew, Catholics, Muslim they are people. They are not a color or religion they are human and we all bleed red. We need to be there for each other not hate each other or kill each other. We as a country have lost our value and morals, we as the human race have lost our humanity and we need to look within ourselves to find it again.

What we need to do is give a psych evaluation to people purchasing guns,that may help but even then they can purchase it illegally. So when you day "gun control " I laugh because there is no control with psychopaths.

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