Sunday, July 5, 2015

I see you

You and your childish ways, thinking that I'll believe your lies. She may believe them but I am much more clever than she. I know your dark and twisted heart. I know how you revel in others agony as I know the lies that spill from your mouth like pestilence from a cave.
There is no soul there, only evil remains. Whatever reminisce of a heart that was there has long been gone and all that's left is a hollow place where cobwebs rein.
You are the devil, of this I'm sure; parading around like one of us and I see through it all. You are as transparent to me as a thin sheet of ice and twice as cold.
Do not try to soothe me with your words of velvet and whiskey. I am a Scorpion and if you test me you will feel my sting. I am the Dragon you will feel my fire as I burn you down and then I will finally be free.

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