Thursday, July 16, 2015

People You Encounter at the Gym

For all of us who belong to a gym and frequent it we all know to well the different individuals we encounter there. Some have a certain charm to them and well....some do not. I compiled a list of the different people you can almost be sure to encounter at any gym in America....hell I'm certain I fit at least one of these categories.

The Whiners/ complainers

These people are good people don't get me wrong but there really isn't a week that goes by that you don't hear about something they did weight lifting or exercising to hurt themselves. You are there trying to get your workout on and all you hear the whole time you are trying to work out is excuses for why they can't do something or crying about how someone told them not to do something and they did it anyway therefore injuring themselves. Seriously? Look after the second time being told you think that would be enough to learn but some never do. That brings me to the talkers.

The Talkers

These folks get more jaw time than cardio and they love to talk about themselves. I benched this or I did that etc.. etc.. You know them , we all do. Sometimes you just wished you had duct tape.

The Posers

These are the most annoying ones by far and let me enlighten you as to why. These people take up your stations sitting there on their ass at the leg press texting on the phone and facebooking , taking selfies of how hot they think they are only to photoshop it later to make themselves look like they've done something when in reality they are just taking up space. These are the people I want to flog as real lifters like me and my friends work hard for it and theses folks just get in the way.

The Pre Workout People

Oh yes we all know these people, they are the ones that are so excited...too excited to be there. Some have headphones in and sing out loud to themselves, some make loud grunting noises and drop the weights.(yes I see you..hello asshole) and some are running at an alarming rate on the treadmill or elliptical machine. These people (yes sometimes me) you should be afraid of, they aren't human they are machines and you should steer clear till they come down off their caffeinated high. 

The Anti Social or The Machines

They come in workout , go home, no nods, no waves, no talking.nada. They usually have earbuds in to drown out the chatter and to let people know I want to work out, don't talk to me. They usually have awesome bodies because they don't log a lot of jaw time. These are the powerhouses of the gym, these people don't bullshit and I love them for that. 

The Creepers

You know we've all seen em, they stare at you from across the room or watch you in the mirror when you're doing squats. Practically drooling on everything staring at you, fantasizing about weird shit with you in it. Avoid at all costs, stare back (this usually makes them uncomfortable), put someone else between you and them or sometimes you just have to kick them in the balls if they get handsy. I prefer the direct approach and knee the balls. 

The Unsubstantiated Trainer 

This is the girl or guy that looks like the last thing they lifted was a box of donuts but yet they are telling you the best leg day exercises to do that will give you results fast. Really ? When I encounter this person I want to laugh, I know I can lift way more than you and out run you any day of the week so why do you feel the need to give ME unsolicited advice? It's times like this you just smile and nod, say thanks and put the earbuds in and walk away , jog even. For God's sakes man RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!


Sunday, July 12, 2015

My views on the state of America today..God... who will I offend now?

Well I'm sad to say that over the last few months I have lost some friends on Facebook over my political and religious views.Who in my opinion are not true friends to begin with ,because true friends know my beliefs deep down and accept me for them. Also I am not going to change my way of thinking anymore than they will change theirs. I post stuff on my wall that I feel connects to me and not everyone agrees on it, nor do they have to. Can you imagine what a boring world this would be if we all agreed on the same thing? Just because I don't believe what you believe doesn't mean I hate you , you have to prove to me by your actions that you are a jerk for me to dislike you and just because you have a belief in something that is not enough for me to hold against you.If we were forced to believe in then same thing then we have another name for that...communism.

Fortunately this is America, and for now ..home of the free. Sadly the way things are heading it may not be that way for long. I want to be clear in my postings that I am not racist because I believe that the Confederate Flag shouldn't be taken down, I am not homophobic because I believe the lesbian couple shouldn't have sued the bakery that refused to make the cake and also I don't think they should have treated the couple the way they did either they were both idiots putting their kids in danger.. There are a lot of things I don't believe in and this country is starting to be one of them .We are so afraid to offend anyone these days, but we sure are quick to pull a gun on them, to call them a racist, a religious zealot because of their beliefs, when in fact we don't even know who they are. Just because someone likes something, or posts something doesn't make them a terrible person. If we were all judged by our actions or inactions or things that come out of our mouths, then my God we would all be labeled racists or fascists. What I do not believe in is forcing our personal beliefs down everyone's throat, that is offensive to me. I believe that this is America and whether I like devil worshippers, or racists, or religious fanatics, or gays and lesbians or any one else for that matter....THEY ARE THERE and they are not going away because you sue them or take down a flag or pass gay marriage. You cannot change these people only accept that they are who they are and move on. Instead we are petitioning the government to take away our beliefs and rights because we feel offended, but how long before someone is offended by your belief and the government takes that away too? Then what will you say? You have no say now because what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I am afraid that we are not seeing the bigger picture here and it is this. While we sit and fight amongst each other we being played by our government and we are too busy hating each other to see it. Elections are coming up and this crap always is a whirlwind of controversy to make certain politicians look good when in reality they are all a bunch of assholes who are no longer for the people but for themselves! We can't see past our own agendas to see the bigger picture and with this taking away of flags and suing people over beliefs we are giving our government too much control and soon I fear that it will become a socialist society where we are all made to believe one thing and to obey. You want to talk about slavery? We are already slaves to our pride and we are in a losing battle. Welcome to the new America ...Land of the sensitive and home of the spineless. When will we join together as AMERICANS and be one? Last time it took 9 /11 for us to see past our hatred for each other to band together in love. I pray that will not be the case again.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Empty inside

I feel empty, I can't draw because nothing comes to mind, I can't write because I draw a blank. All I have are my thoughts and they are scattered. Now instead of being creative I am violent, angry, torn. I am not the same person anymore, I am stronger, wiser, lonelier, meaner than the person I used to be. My passion now isn't singing or drawing or writing anymore but instead it's shooting and throwing knives and survival techniques and lifting. Who have I become? I stare in the mirror sometimes and wonder who this person is staring back at me. I could be surrounded by people yet still feel all alone. I have shut everyone out of my life that I am close to and I have alienated myself quite successfully. I don't like to go out anymore but seem to like to be introverted. I hold in the tears because I don;t have time for feelings, I push them down because that's what you do to survive and if anything I am a survivor. I guess that also means being alone with these feelings. Hopefully this will pass.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

I see you

You and your childish ways, thinking that I'll believe your lies. She may believe them but I am much more clever than she. I know your dark and twisted heart. I know how you revel in others agony as I know the lies that spill from your mouth like pestilence from a cave.
There is no soul there, only evil remains. Whatever reminisce of a heart that was there has long been gone and all that's left is a hollow place where cobwebs rein.
You are the devil, of this I'm sure; parading around like one of us and I see through it all. You are as transparent to me as a thin sheet of ice and twice as cold.
Do not try to soothe me with your words of velvet and whiskey. I am a Scorpion and if you test me you will feel my sting. I am the Dragon you will feel my fire as I burn you down and then I will finally be free.