Saturday, May 30, 2015

Drops of Jupiter....

Love is not what we always expect it to be. I will repeat that in case any of you missed it. Repeat this to yourself over and over again if you feel yourself falling for that special person. I know I sound jaded and cynical and guess what I am 100%!
After all the things and people I've been through in life I have earned it baby, every, last,bit.

We make this thing up in our head that it's supposed to be magical when when kiss them, that we should feel a spark instead of a boner, but the reality is that's stupid. There is no spark, that "spark" you feel is just synopsis exploding in our brain because of adrenaline from the rush of something new and unexplored. Ten year or even five or less down the road and that "spark" becomes a fizzle , then  flat lines. ^^^^__^^______. This is why so many relationships fail, mine I am not immune. We all go into it heart and soul ,excited and eager to learn everything we can about this person, we are so blinded by "love" that all the imperfections we see in that person or red flags are overlooked,until later when the "spark" fizzles and then it's all we can see. You know that cute quirky little thing your girl did like leave the lid off the toothpaste or shaved with your razor and you overlooked,well guess want to kill her now for it. That thing your guy used to do ladies like when he was driving and biting his nails or wouldn't let his food touch each other on the plate that you thought was so quirky well it isn't now is it? NO! It's not , if you admit it to yourself its so fucking annoying you want to pic up the fork on the plate and stab his hand with it! 

All these little things that make us smile and blush fade with time and all that's left is dust. Remnants of what used to be and we try so desperately to get it back,but it's impossible to do. That ship has sailed that ship is gone and you're left standing on the shore alone with your feet in the sand and a ticket in your hand. what is so horrible about love is that we can't control it.We can't pick and choose who we want to fall for, it happens before we know it. Trying to not fall in love with someone is like trying to take a shower with a bandaid and trying not to get it wet.That bitch is gonna be saturated by  the end of it all, then you have to rip it off and start over. if you pull real quick the pain is minimal or if you're a masochist like me you take your time and savor the pain.

In short love sucks, love is the destroyer of worlds, love is not life though and I encourage you for your sanity to avoid it at all costs. Move to the mountains, Alaska, a secluded island hide from it if you can, because if you don't it will tear you apart from the inside out worse than any bullet ever could.

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