Saturday, March 28, 2015

It all comes back to simplicity

I rarely write about my life ,mostly I write about hot topics,but this week has been a week from hell and I'd like to share.
You see it all started with some issues in the workplace with gossip and lies, that by the way is stupid and childish and if you ever think for one minute you somehow managed to escape high school...well think again. We never left ;the scenery just changed.
Then after a stressful, long ordeal with that I break my glasses. Lovely now I have to buy more and make a decision on a new pair and for any of you that truly know me,know I suck at decisions. Seriously I hate Starbucks and Subway and any other place where you can have it your way. Too many choices and not enough time,honestly it's a miracle I can get dressed in the morning!
The next catastrophe is when I get home on that Wednesday. I just wanted to sit and watch t.v. glasses or not, but then we turned on the t.v. to find out our ATT Uverse was out and by that I mean some dumb ass in Istanbul sent a work order in to terminate the wrong boxes ! Which is another story for another day.
Finally on Friday night my dog became deathly sick and came down with hemmoragic gastrointestinal disorder. In short his ass became a water fountain for an endless supply of blood. My daughter who passes out at the sight of blood (pansy) was sitting in the exam room at 1 am with me waiting for the stupid vet to come in when Buster who God love him; is in pain, decides I need to shit and now is good right in front of her. Like a cow raising his tail he salutes her and then BOOM cherry Kool-aid!  Her face turned from blue to green to white in under 10 seconds and her eyes damn near popped out of her head. If it wasn't so serious I would have busted out laughing, but a sick dog and 450.00 isn't a laughing matter.
Then I get a call my new glasses are ready today only when I get there they are all wrong everything looks weird and she says "Oh yeah look at that ,it's off a number ,we'll send them back." What!? FML Why!!!!!????? Shitheads
So it's bee a shitty week,but  as I was driving home today from Walmart  I saw a girl on her new bike ,coming out of Walmart riding across the parking lot smiling happy as a lark. It made me think about the simple things and I smiled. That one small vision made me pause, it made me remember the innocence we still possess somewhere inside and how the little things are what keep us going. I did the same thing again tonight when I went out to look at the night sky. I breathed in the night air and I stared at all those stars and the moon so bright, shining down on us small insignificant creatures and all we can do is sweat the small stuff. In comparison to those stars and the galaxy and the universe we are small stuff. So I took a breath and just let it go.