Thursday, February 19, 2015

Our Mortality and what we don't understand

I recently had an experience in my life with my biological mother that really hit home for me.She fell a few weeks ago in the tub and here recently again in the hall. While I am driving to the hospital to make sure she's ok it hit me. Mom is getting older and so am I. I deal with death everyday in my line of work and it never really flits through my thoughts about me and my families mortality. I try not to dwell on those things because it would make me a wreck, but driving there it suddenly occurred to me that it's not something anyone can escape and that our time with our parents are precious and few. I've lost my father and step mother in these past years and now my mom and step dad are all Kathy and I  have left as the elder figures, it's scary and sad. I thought I'm aging and so are they and how long before Nicole is driving to see me in the hospital?

I was talking to my bff and she has just lost her dog of 14 years and was very sad, she said her daughter asked her "Mom, why do things die?" It blew my mind as I'm sure it did hers, I mean what the hell do you say to that? Why do things die? "Why do we live?" is another great question. I asked her what did you say to that question and she said that she told her that God had another purpose for them. Good Christian answer, but what if you're not a believer? What is the answer? Is there another plane of existence? Do we turn into butterflies or deer or reincarnate as someone else? We may ask ourselves this question eternally and never have an answer until it is our time. I know we die so that we make room for other people, things, new life, but why live? What gives us life?Are we an experiment?Who knows but I do know that we have a limited amount of time to enjoy this life and we should take advantage of it and cherish it always.

"Tonight grab your loved ones and hold them near,for it is an uncertain future for us my dear.
Cherish them always, they are your light, bid them kisses and sweet dreams tonight." -Michele Jones

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