Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday is a fuck you day,Friday is a fuck yeah and a snow day...well that's just heaven.

Ever notice how most people are all cranky on Monday's? No one wants to start a new work week even if they work the weekends, trust me I know. If you do find that rare anomaly of a person who is excited about Monday it's usual one of three things that is why they are happy.
1. They just got promoted, 2. They just got laid or 3. They have a rare but incurable mental condition known as Angelman syndrome, where the person is constantly happy.
Likely it is the first two that would be the cause but also rare.LOL Mondays just suck it don't they? I mean We have to get up after a long weekend of partying or a restful weekend either way we still have to get up and go out into society and "function". I use that word loosely as I personally do not function until my third cup of coffee.Anyways it's just a huge pain in the ass.

Now Wednesday is a little better but not by much. People are a bit more perkier by now realizing that it's half way through the work week,but still pissy somewhat. I like to also refer to it as "Wine Wednesday" especially if I'm delivery bitch this day. Then all I need is a hot bath and a glass of wine when I get home and everyone stay out of my way! Wednesday is a tease...that is all.

Then we have Friday! Yes, Thank you Jesus we have been waiting all week for this. Friday you sexy bitch how I've missed you! We are all chipper and ready to go grab a drink or dinner and a movie or all of the above. We want to get our date on ,most of us hope to get laid therefore the cheerful demeanor ensues, cause let's face it people, no one wants to screw an angry ass.True Dat true dat.
You get better customer service on Friday as well because everyone is ready for the weekend and they are willing to do more to get you out of their faces so they can get on with their weekend.

Now we have A SNOW DAY! OH HELL YEAH! That's a free day to relax and chill by the fire ,read a book, snuggle, etc... Snow days are awesome especially if they fall on a Monday like today. Then it's heaven, you get to miss Monday Madness and have a three day weekend. I love snowdays and in Texas we don't get many but when we do everyone freaks the hell out. Suddenly no one knows how to drive and the stores are raided the day before in a mad rush to get all they think they need.Despite all that it's still nice to get them, so I say to you. How are you going to spend your snow day? Make it count and enjoy!

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