Sunday, February 22, 2015

Michael a man that inspired me...

So a few days ago I was delivering and was having a terrible day. I was in a negative space  and all I focused on was the bad, until....
I had a delivery going to a rehab center for a woman there. I walked in and started to approach the nurses station to ask for directions and as I did I saw a man about my age in his 30's badly burned talk to the nurses and cutting up with them. As I drew closer to the man I noticed he was missing his right hand and plenty of scars and burns I would say over ninety percent of his body.I looked up made eye contact with him,smiled and didn't flinch as I knew this would hurt his feelings however hard it may be.When you see something like that it always takes you aback some I don't care who you are. He smiled back with the broadest sweetest grin and said I can take you to her ma'm.

His name is Michael, he has reddish brown hair in patches on his head because of the burns and on his face more burns and patches of beard. As I stated earlier he was missing his right hand among many other things, but his cheerful demeanor didn't waiver despite all this. As we walked he began to tell me his story for no apparent reason and I listened. He said that one hot August day in 2013 he was driving down the road and looked down at his phone to check on a text he received and as he did he ran straight into another car. The people in the other car were unharmed by a miracle,but he was not so lucky. He became trapped in his vehicle and it had caught fire immediately,by the time people got to him to try and pull him out he had burns over ninety percent of his body.

I did not know what to say, this man was so upbeat for what had befallen him and even made a joke about it ruining his hipster beard he was trying to grow. I was laughing and smiling by the time I delivered the flowers and left that place in a better frame of mind because of this awe inspiring individual. Michael went through hell and is stil going through it but remains resilient to what had happened to him. While I bitched and moaned to myself about my day, month, life etc.. he takes it all in stride. He inspired me to let things go a little more, to appreciate my life and realize I am truly blessed,no...WE are. So next time you think you have had a bad hand dealt to you in life I want you to think of Michael and his story and what his life is like now. He will never have a "normal" life or possibly a relationship because of his situation yet he lives on. Appreciate what you have and as for what you don't....well it's just small stuff baby. ;)

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