Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bullying...end the cycle.

Bullying has been around forever, actually since the caveman days.Cavemen used to overpower the weaker ones all the time including their women. It is a negative force in our lives and unfortunately most everyone at some point in their lives has dealt with it. If you haven't then you may ask yourself if you were the bullier?

As you all know I am a small person and in being so I was constantly harassed most of my young adult life. Elementary was a nightmare, I mean it wasn't bad enough that I went to a predominantly Hispanic school where I being very Polish with pale skin, white/blonde hair and blue eyes had to try and "blend in" you had to also throw in the fact I was almost a midget. Needless to say I "fit in" about as well as the children of the corn did. With that being said you can imagine all that I endured. I was kicked, slapped, called names, spit on and assaulted on a weekly basis. My only solace was another friend of mine named Vanessa who towered over me and another small girl named Kelly and she for the most part did her best to watch out for us. In the end it made me a stronger person but I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

You see it's always the smaller, weaker, less popular people who are attacked. Sometimes it doesn't even matter if you were tall, if you were a big person they picked on you too likely or if you were different, marched to the beat of your own drum or had a learning disability, that's what made you a target. You see people and kids in general are cruel, they fear what they do not understand and in doing so they attack what isn't the "norm" to them. They were raised this way in most cases by parents who did the same to their playmates. A never ending cycle, but it needs to stop somewhere. We need to teach our children that this isn't acceptable and will not be tolerated.Most of us do teach them,but there will always be those parents who are too busy, tired, drunk or non exsistant to deal with their kids. That's where they fall through the cracks and some learn it from adults that do the same thing,adults that really never grew up. I've even worked with a few in my life.

I am not one to be passive and allow that to happen to my child. I do not want to advocate violence but I want her to create a defense for herself. I encouraged her growing up, told her she was smart, pretty, kind and when need be...tough.  I taught her not to pay attention to those kids that say those things because they are jealous and scared of her and that's why they taunt her. They are ignorant is what I told her,because they are too scared to try and get to know someone and instead just judge outright because it's easier than learning new things and talking to new people. You see kids that are bullied are the ones that will be something in this world, they will go out beyond their safe boundries and explore life,while the others will continue to look at people and take them for face value and never go anywhere because they were too afraid to try and get to know someone who could in fact benefit their life. The smartest people I know were concidered "geeks" in school and guess what? They are running their own buisnesses and are bosses and managers of those little piss ants that tormented them.

So if your kids are being bullied by another child, call your school and let them know the situation, schedule a meeting with the parents if you can to resolve it. It may not help ,but in the mean time continue to lift your child up. Tell them everyday how great they are, you will be amazed at what that will do for them, tell them the bullies are cowards and that's why they do it and that they should pity them because one day thay will be digging that ditch for them or cleaning their toilet. Bullies never win they only grow more and more pathetic and miserable. Remember some of the most famous people were  different in school and several stars like Whoopi Goldberg, Orlando Bloom, Robin Williams,Steven Spielberg , Cher and many others are dislexic and had learning dissabilities and were teased, but that didn't stop them. Be strong, be brave ,be beautiful!

*photo taken from Huffington Post

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