Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Marriage..not an easy road

Well tomorrow marks ten years of marriage for my husband and I and I have to say that I am shocked that we made it this long. I am not easy to live with ,this I know and neither is that man but together we are unstoppable.We have even had people close to us try and come between us but we worked through it and eliminated those negative people from our lives. You have to put each other first and everyone else second.

We get each other on another level, we say things to each other with our looks and words are not needed, we mesh. Now, this is not always the case and there are days we mesh like oil and water,like fire and ice. There are days when I want to hug him tightly, around the throat, with a rope.Thankfully I remind myself that orange isn't my color and stripes make me look fat, that usually helps. I count to ten as I walk away or I go pour me a glass of wine and then I don't care anymore.

This is what marriage is, it isn't rainbows and unicorns and sunshine and butterflies. It's hard work and wanting to kill each other sometimes. It's wondering at times if you love them still, yes that is normal. It is ups and downs, roller coaster rides and sometimes chaos, but then there are moments of peace. Times when you couldn't imagine yourself with anyone else and wonderful thoughts of the future together and your family.This is what makes the love worth it.

I am no expert at marriage at all, I am just going by experience and my trials. I urge you to work hard at it and never give up on it unless you are in an abusive relationship. I just know I am blessed to have this family and this man who shows me so much love. 

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