Thursday, January 1, 2015

Male fellatio the taboo subject and what we close our eyes to....yes I went there

So welcome to a brand new year! What better way to start it off than a new blog about one of life's taboo subjects...blow jobs.Yes, I did go there and let me tell you why. I have spoke to many women friends and several I know do not like to give blow jobs. As a woman I had a hard time understanding this, I mean they are fun and apparently now good for your health. I happened upon a page called Red Silk and on it there are several subjects that are considered taboo about sex one is about blow jobs. If you get a chance stop on by and visit it.

Did you know that semen contains many health benefits, it has melatonin and serotonin and cortisol that help fight stress and help aid in sleep. It is apparently also good for your skin as well like a facial yes I said facial!
So why wouldn't women naturally want to do this? Well some just think it's gross, yes I admit the stuff is a little sticky and not always tastes the best at times but did you know that if your partner drinks pineapple juice about an hour before hand it will take on a sweet taste. If your partner uses drugs or smokes weed though it will taste bitter and a bit nasty. Beer though gives it a sweeter taste depending on the beer. IPA'S probably not a sweetener for this as they are naturally bitter a bit. Also have some fun with it; purchase some flavored lube and have at it. My favorite is banana split and hot buttered rum.

If spouses catered to each others sexual needs more then it could help to strengthen the bond and keep potential "problems" out of their marriage. I have seen too many women and men complain about their partners lack of interest in exploration or sex.That's when you can open a door to potentially cheating on one another. Too many relationships end like this so I encourage both men and women to expand your mind and listen to your partners wants and needs before someone else does.

We tend to look at oral sex as more of a chore than fun and an opportunity to grow closer to our loved one. There is something very intimate about the act of oral, it creates and bond between people. You have to let down your defenses and show someone the real us and that can be hard. You can be married to someone for years and still may never know them intimately , know their deepest darkest desires out of fear of rejection or judgement. The person you have sex with should be someone you can share these desires with and trust.Hopefully they will try some out with you, but if not at least try oral as a release. I mean how do you know you don't like it if you won't attempt it?  So ladies get your flavors out and have some fun and remember's not a one way street. Pleasure goes both ways :)

Here is a link to a great site on tips to give good head

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