Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's thatNew Year New Me Bullshit Again

Well ,it's that time of year when people start flooding the gym and driving die hard gym rats like me crazy. I know I should be a little more considerate but it's me guys..come on.What do you want from me?
I try to give them the benefit of the doubt and I understand everyone wants to be healthy,but who really dives into it is another matter. I see people in the gym like my friend Sueanne mentioned yesterday and I quote in their "shiny new athletic shoes" as well as their new spandex that they no doubt got for Christmas to help them on their new endeavor and I want to scream! I want to scream at that woman and man who didn't realize that spandex only looks good on certain people (and that's really after 100's of tedious hours of working out) and that they should put it back in the closet for later.
I want to get in that persons face at the gym who sits there on their phone Facebooking and texting while everyone else is waiting for that leg press and yell "move it or lose it buddy!
I feel the need to tell that overly zealous man who is moaning loudly and dropping weights with a loud thud only to proceed saying ARGH like an angry pirate, that it's really not necessary and that we all can clearly see he is working all his God like muscles in their entirety, so need to yell ASSHOLE! Seriously you're just disrupting my flow.

I want to tell those infants that came in in the spandex with their muscle head 19 year old boyfriends and that old guy with his kids who really are not supposed to be lifting weights that in front of the weight rack is not where you park your ass to socialize and hog it up. I swear I may "accidentally"drop my 20lb on your goddamn toes, then the only thing you'll be pressing is the call button at the hospital.

I know I should be more understanding considering I used to be one and everyone has a right to be a better them,but to people like me now; it's just pissing us off. You guys are taking up our regular time slot and let's face it 90% of you will no doubt disappear after about a month, of half ass trying feeling like a total failure. Now there are those few that like me came at least 4 times a week and gave it all they could and to those people I salute you! Way to go push forward and fight the good fight,but while you're doing that can you please get the hell outta my way so I can work on my glutes?

So we are all now anxiously awaiting for you "new years resolutioners"  Yes, we named move along and give up or find your niche in our gym but we were here first so find it in someone else's hour.LOL

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