Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Abuse...when is enough, enough?

I'd like to talk about domestic abuse. I know it's a touchy subject but one I believe needs to be addressed. Having been a victim of this myself at one point in my life I feel that any man who hits a woman is a coward and a poor excuse for a man indeed. I grew up in an environment where I witnessed domestic abuse at a young age. It then seemed to be just part of everyday life and so subconsciously became acceptable to me as an adult. I believe this because, as I grew up and married I chose a man with similar qualities of those I saw beat women. He was controlling and emotionally abusive and eventually physical.In between the abuse he showered me with love and gifts and promised it wouldn't happen again. It was only when he hit me in front of my child that enough was enough. I knew then and there it would never change and only become worse. I saved money and left six weeks later with the help of family and a very good friend, it was the worst and longest 9 years of my life.

I've seen people close to me suffer from this abuse as well and I can relate and I want to council them as how to get out of it and how important it is to do so especially when children are involved. Staying with that person because you feel the kids need both parents will not help. My daughter had one parent the first 5 years of her life and we were fine and she doesn't have to be subjected to the rage. Being a single parent doesn't effect you badly or make your kids any weaker, if anything it makes them stronger as well as you. It makes them smarter, they learn to not take abuse and that it will not be tolerated and that they are more than deserving of true love.

Now there are men in some rare cases that are abused and I say to you as well GET OUT! Do you not deserve the love of a good woman who will cherish you? Ladies, do you not deserve the love of a good man? I know it's hard and you're scared and you feel worthless or not good enough or even strong enough to make it on your own. I ask you to do this, close your eyes...picture your son with his wife and they are arguing, now picture your son hitting her repeatedly. How does that make you feel? Now picture your beautiful fragile daughter with her husband and the same scenario, him beating her until she begs for her mother or father to make him stop. How does that make you feel? It makes me cry and it pisses me off, they deserve better.

We need to stop the cycle people, and it starts with YOU! You can end this, you do not want your children thinking this is acceptable behavior. Why is it that we don't want to see our dogs fight another dog and we will separate them at all costs to avoid it,but we as humans subject ourselves to the same shit repeatedly? You are better than that, please I beg you to be a part of the solution and not the problem. End the cycle now before it's too late.

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