Thursday, December 4, 2014

Remember the reason behind the season

As I was shopping today for groceries I stumbled upon a homeless man sitting there minding his business and eating something someone had got him. I sat there in my car a minute and really tried to put myself in his place. Thinking how hard it must be to be in that position where you have to rely on everyone to provide for you as you are homeless and unable to provide for yourself. He was partially blind and worn down, old enough to be my father and I wondered at what point did his life go wrong?

It's times like this I am thankful that I have what I have. We all too often go through life always wanting more and unaware of what we really truly have. We only realize it sometimes when it's too late and what we had is gone.

This season I ask that you think of others that are less fortunate. If you see someone struggling, help them if you can. Whether it's a dollar or donated clothes or something you know they can use that you don't. Give this season not just to family.

I happened to give a woman I knew a coat I was given and never wore. When I  did this her face lit up. I was surprised I mean to me it was just a coat but to her it was more.I didn't know that she only had one coat and it never occurred to me that she had been wearing that same old coat for the last 4 years I knew her. She couldn't afford another decent coat and so this made her day. People don't have to be homeless to be in need they may only be one step away from it and we never realize.
So this season remember Jesus is the reason for the season and his message is to love one another and be kind. Happy Holidays and don't look down on someone because they have less because in their heart they may actually have more.

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