Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bittersweet. ..pain is in the air

It's the holidays and I find myself drifting off in daydreams of silly things. It's a beautiful season , one of peace and love and giving. It is also the saddest time of year for me and likely my sister.

It is the time of year when we miss our loved ones and  cry and mope wishing they could be with us. Some of us can but others are on a journey so far from our reach that all we can do is look up at the stars and wonder where they are.

Today for instance I was looking at a picture of my grandfather and I started to cry. I miss his guidance and wisdom and his reassurance in my life. He was always there for me and when things got rough he would go to Jack in the Box and get me a taco. Lol, it helped me feel better oddly enough. It went something like this
You're splitting up with your husband = here have a taco.
You're late paying's OK= here have a taco.
You're getting a divorce have a few tacos.
Life's problems solved with tacos. He was a wise man.
There is always that one person you can count on that is there for you no matter what. The one that when your world crumbles like a cheesecake,picks up the crumbs and pats it all back together again. The one who it's OK to fall apart around and when you do they bring you chocolate and a beer😉 and are just like family if they already aren't.

Family is important, it's good to have a support system for yourself and family isn't always blood. What this season does it brings families together,so go out this season to your parties and be thankful for the family and friends you have, because tomorrow isn't promised.

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