Thursday, November 13, 2014

You're comparing me to ISIS?

Today I had an interesting conversation at work about religion. I know I know never discuss religion, politics and your personal life at work or with anyone, but alas I couldn't help myself when I came under attack for my beliefs. Any of you that know me know I try not to judge others beliefs but not everyone is like me.

Well as I was at work today I overheard my co worker say that when we die  we go into a deep sleep till Jesus comes to get us. She says she's Christian and so I marvel at this because being raised Church of Christ I was never taught we sleep. I was taught from the King James bible that we when we die we are judged for our sins and either go to hell or enter the kingdom of heaven. So I said "what? We sleep? I was never told that." She then said well I was taught wrong . Excuse me? Ummm what? I was taught wrong? Who are you to judge me and say that?How do you know you were taught right? Exactly. don't! We all have different beliefs and that's your belief so keep it to yourself please and not act like I'm the idiot going to hell.

She then proceeded to compare me to ISIS . WHAT?! She said because I didn't want to believe her version and said I was taught differently , like ISIS was taught wrong she said. I said yeah the difference between me and ISIS is they want to annihilate the entire planet that doesn't believe what they believe and are a bunch of pussies that hide behind masks and guns kinda like the KKK and I don't care in what you believe and masks never really looked good on me. Really!  I mean ISIS?

I then said everyone has their own belief and I have mine. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for me to open up the gates of heaven so that I may enter if I am deemed worthy. That's what I was taught and you were taught what you were taught and both of us could be wrong because man wrote the bible and could have altered it to what they thought as well so who knows.
The point is we all believe in something different and that's fine but do not condemn me for it because I don't with you.  Love thy neighbor and judge not unless yea be judged and he who is without sin cast the first stone. In other words..shut the hell up and keep your opinion to yourself and pray about it for me ok. Thanks.

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