Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things people do that irritate me in my household

As I was washing  dishes tonight I saw something that irritated me and a few others
I know ,so it then struck me that I should blog about it and see if these are common occurrences in your homes too? So without further adieu I present to you ten things that drives me bonkers at home!
1. When you're fixing to wash the dishes off and you can't find the sponge because your damn kids threw it in the bottom of the sink! It's disgusting when I have to reach down through all those dishes to get a damn sponge.
2. Leaving recyclables out on the counter instead of making a half turn and throwing them in the recycling bin...ugh really! 
3. Forgetting constantly to fill up the dogs food and water. I swear I am the only one here that does it. If I ever die call PPS pet protective services because they dogs will starve.
4. Toilet paper people!  Seriously how hard is it to put on the holder. You're picking it up to wipe your lazy ass so just take that extra step to place it on the holder. .literally right there in front of you. -_-
5. When the last person to stuff something in the trash knows that it is now full, but shuts the lid anyways and walks away leaving it for me to take out or bitch at someone to take out. Same with recycling (see above ) and that's why recycles get left on counter.
6. My kids love to take a 20 minute long shower, steam up the house, then drip water all over the floor at which point I walk in to use the bathroom and step in it in my socks! There is no grosser feeling than wet socks except when the dogs leave the puddle. Ewww
7. When the kids load the dishwasher and don't  clean off the counters. Ummm hello? Cleaning the kitchen means cleaning the counters too! That's like me looking at the cell phone bill but never paying it . Which btw may happen next time they forget to clean the counters. Then shit will get done around here!
8. Texting my husband an important grocery item after he already left for the store only to find his phone going off on the counter because he forgot it again. -_-  No dessert for you! Or any of us now for that matter. Hey and don't judge me dessert is important in this house.
9. Drinking all or most of the milk only to leave a millimeter  of it in the jug and then stick it back in the fridge.Then I go to get some milkfor my cereal and nada! Same with the cereal boxes, omg I swear if I find this again I am going to empty out all the snack and cereal boxes and watch them lose it when they go to get their favorite snack. How ya like them apples?!
And # 10 finally! Drum roll please / \/ \/ \/ \/ \
10. When they don't put things back where they belong! The other day I was looking for the IB profin and it was in my daughter's room as is everything else! I swear I walk into that place and it looks like the damn 7 eleven. She's got snacks, toilet paper,  cereal, candies and drinks all over that damn thing. I'm just going to open  her window and start selling stuff to the school kids as they pass by and turn a profit.
Anyways  it feels better that got this off my chest and now some of you out there no longer feel alone in this struggle to maintain ones sanity in a household full of craziness.

Feel free to leave a comment on what drives you nuts.;-) After all it's free therapy man.

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