Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Jodi Arias trial

I try to stay away  from this crap but as I was scrolling (trolling) through Facebook  I came across an article about it and it was titled Life or Death what would  Travis Alexander want? I thought to myself seriously? Well I'm sure first off he would have rather not make that decision in the first place.  I'm  sure he wished he was alive but I also think it's  stupid to presume  what he would want for her.

The fact of the matter is on June 4th 2008 when she murdered him in cold blood she also murdered her soul and rights to continue her own life in my opinion. Why would we continue to let her live so that she can "suffer". Please she will not suffer  she will be fed and clothed and get exercise which is more than our vets got in Korea or Iraq. Why the fuck would we give her something better than they got?
She should  be given death I for one would not want to pay one more penny to the state for her trial or care. Fuck that,end of story, addios bitch.  Sorry that may seem crass but so is stabbing a man multiple times and slitting his throat and shooting him because of a breakup. This is not the act of an abused woman unless she is backed into a corner and even that is iffy. I came from an abusive relationship and I was scared to blink at him wrong let alone attack unless of course my child was involved.  They were broke up and I don't know about you but I don't go back to someone I'm scared will beat the shit out of me.
She needs to be put to death.
It was cold blooded murder a crime of passion perhaps or an act of vengeance, but not acceptable. One shot two shots to stop him yes but stabbing, shooting and slitting  the throat is a bit overkill parden the pun.
So when they asked what would a he choose life or death. .no one knows because only he could answer that and she made sure he didn't have a voice. Whether you believe in God then she will pay the price with her soul in hell for all eternity. If you believe in nothing after this life , then I think that's punishment too after all that's  what he got right ...nothing? An eternity of it.

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