Friday, October 31, 2014

The fun and easy side of smart phones today.

In a world full of computers and smart phones it is sometimes hard to have any social skills or any kind of a life but in the same aspect it has also made life much easier. Take these for example, I'm going to give you a short list of what your smartphone can do for you if you don't already know; It's truly amazing. 

Did you know that they have a Walgreens and CVS application you can download to your phone via your play store and it has the ability to scan your prescriptions to fill them? You literally sit there and do nothing but hold your camera to your pill bottle scan code. You can also shop and upload pics to the photo department.

  I wouldn't do that though for the photos when you can get a much cheaper deal at at Groovebook you can upload a hundred photos from your phone and have them mailed to you in a neat tear away book for only 2.99! That includes shipping! Amazing isn't it?

ATT has my AT&T bill pay app that you can log into to pay your bill from your phone or you can also get a TXT 2 PAY set up and then ATT will send you a text to pay your bill. You simply text back pay and they use the credit card you have on file with them. Easy simple and fast.No over seas rep you can't understand, just convenient and easy.

State Farm has an app as well called Pocket Agent. You log on and pay right there from your phone anywhere and anytime.  You never have to miss a bill again and to make sure you don't you can schedule these in your calendar as reminders like I do. 

They have Chromecast as well where you buy the plug in at Walmart or Best Buy and plug it into the HDMI port in the back or side of your t.v. then you download the Chromecast app via your play store and you can stream music,watch YouTube or Netflix from your phone to your t.v. That is fun especially for parties.
Geocaching is a new trend as well where you can download a Geocache application and it shows you where people in your area have hidden small treasures that you go look for and then you replace that treasure with one of your own for someone else to find. This is fun for the family, just be sure that there is always an adult present when you do this as in today's world you never know.
There are so many new apps out there today that you can enjoy and make life fun and simple. So go ahead and give your app store a look....see what you find.

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