Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh How the Angels weep

This week I am to attend a visitation for a co workers son who drowned this past weekend in an unfortunate kayaking incident. He was only 21 and had his whole life ahead of him. I cannot fathom having to bury a child, this is unnatural in the scheme of things. We are not programmed to bury our kids;we are supposed to go first. My heart goes out to her and his siblings in this tragic loss. It saddens me and rattles me to my very core.

We all have teenagers we complain about; children are at times a pain in our ass but always worth the effort. I would  do anything for my child, go above and beyond to ensure her future and happiness. I pray I never have to go through what this poor mom I know is dealing with now. It is unfair and terrible, but I know this woman and if she is anything she is strong. She will overcome this and survive, it's in her DNA it is who she is and at times though I don't agree with her or like her even  , I do admire her strength and determination.

With that being said I leave you with a poem I wrote for this occasion a poem that helps me understand this tragic event and a poem to help heal the heart.

Sweet Babe Of Mine

Oh sweet babe of mine, who lays there so cold like stone.
It was not meant to be your time, your soul was not that old.
I shall weep for my love so dear, yes my love I shall shed many tears.
Know this though although you've left me on this earthly realm,
I will see you once again and oh how my heart shall swell.
I send you off to heaven dear, I send you to our Lord,
where he will keep you safe for me; until my time comes forth.
So with that I say to you ,I will rejoice and dry up my tired eyes.
I only say I will see you again, there will be no goodbyes.

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