Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Michele and Smeagol two very similar creatures today.

So they have me on a liquid diet now for surgery Friday and I'm a total wreck. I'm bitchy , cranky, Linda Blair scary right now. All day I could only eat thick soups and oatmeal and tomorrow only clear liquids. Come Friday morning for the surgery I'm going to be like The Hulk ready to pounce on the first person I see. I feel deeply sorry for the nurse.
Anyways I am not supposed to have any food but you can bet your ass after the day I had I wanted beer and chips. Well that was a no go I got cranberry juice and potato soup. Oh yummy! Well toward the end of the day I lost it and snuck into the pantry and grabbed a chip, mind you one single chip. Well my husband acted like I committed treason and I turned on him like a rabid pitbull. I snatched that chip up and slowly ate it savoring it and taking in all it's glory. It was the best chip I have ever had and I looked like Smeagol from Lord Of The Rings. My Precious I whispered to it as I caressed it and shoved it in my mouth. The only way you could have got it from me was to pry my cold dead hands off it.
Hopefully this will all be over soon and I can go back to eating food again. I can't wait to eat a big, juicy, burger or chicken fried steak. I am drooling. For everyone's sake pray they survive me.I love my food and take that away from me and you will see the bitch I truly can become.

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