Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mercury in retrograde = life goes to shit

I'm not sure you guys have heard of Mercury in retrograde,but in case you haven't I'm here to enlighten you. ;) It is in retrograde between Oct 4th and 25th this fall. When Mercury goes into retrograde it is believed by some that everything in life seems to go wrong while some of you go along untouched by it.. This is because in the cosmos Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini the twins who  as we all know is almost two different people at some times and Virgo who is very emotional. It is also the planet of communication so things we say to each other during this time often can become misconstrued and any form of electronic correspondence is also affected. I'm not saying this will happen to everyone all the time but occasionally it can and will whether you believe it or not.

In medicine it is associated with the brain, thyroid, lungs and sensory organs and nervous system helping to add to asthmatics issues among many other things and clumsiness is almost always an issue for me during this time. The Ebola outbreak here in Texas happened during this time and let's face it there were several mis- communications and mis handling as well.Mercury also rules over Wednesday and romance so don't be surprised if things go a little awry today.

With that being said it is suffice to say that it turns people into opposites of what they usually are and make people very emotional hence more arguments arise during these times. This time Mercury is here till October 25th and I am eagerly awaiting it to go away so life can resume as normal; well as normal as it can for me at least, being I'm not normal.

I had a friend the other day who actually explained a great idea to his boss and in very plain English and his boss looked at him dumbfounded like he was speaking Swahili. People sometimes cannot grasp what you are saying during these times; it's best to wait and try them again after it has passed. Electronics act stupid as well, case in point. Last time this happened Curt's car which is electronic mostly went to shit and we ended up getting a whole new engine, a friends water heater busted recently as well . Things get lost in email or mail like something I ordered the other day did; and life just becomes frustrating and today my Kurig decided it was going to die on me or at least act like it.

I got up this morning half awake, stumbling into the kitchen and pawing at the thing trying to get my coffee only to find it decided to squirt water out it's arse instead of it's mouth. I hit it a couple of times (don't judge me, yes I hit it) which tends to work with most things in life for me, computer acting up = hit it problem solved, vacuum acting weird =clean it and then hit it, children acting like asses = hit em and send them to their room. See the best things require violence at times, anyway back to the point.So I beat the machine in a violent rage for 7:30 am or as violent as one can get with no coffee and half asleep and it just spit at me!. So I flushed it's ass with CLR and lot's of water ,problem solved until the next Mercury in retrograde happens.

So when you feel like life is being unusually difficult or it feels like you should have stayed in bed today you're probably in retrograde. Some advise to heed during this time. Don't make major purchases or returns. Don't get upset if you shoot someone an email or text it may have been lost in the mix and they never saw it. Try to avoid any deep talks with a loved one and sometimes you may have to repeat yourself several times in fact to communicate during this time as people tend to take things the wrong way or just completely misunderstand. If someone offends you take it with a grain of salt that probably wasn't their intention they are just in the same boat you are at this weird and crazy time. And as I write this I did a dumb ass thing and grabbed a hot candle and spilled it all over me not realizing it was still lit. See just not a good day, let's send light and love and hope it improves.On the upside I don't need to go to the salon to dip my hands in wax.

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