Monday, October 27, 2014

Manners and Chivalry aren't dead but they may be on life support

My friends and I were sitting around the fire pit the other night and we seemed to get on the subject of manners and being chivalrous. Well being Southern goes hand in hand usually with manners and chivalry , not to say that Yankees are rude, but I will say that they are very blunt. See we Southern folk like to usually sugar coat shit for you.

Take for instance a situation like a person losing their job. A Southerner will start a fund for them or we all make some food and take it over, help you find a job, we mow your yard for you if you're sick or just can't get to it.We treat you like family, we say" Bless your heart" instead of what a dumb ass or "sorry about your luck". We plow the other's field for them if they are terminal and can't do it or are very ill. Southerners will take in people they don't know just because it's the Christian thing to do. 

We are very religious here in the bible belt, that is no joke. We believe in loving one another, helping out your brother or sister and going to church on Sunday's. Church is a big thing here yes and if you don't go, well you may be going to hell they'd say. We also love our bar-b-ques, , family and beer. Beer is big here, God do we love our beer. We even have a few pubs that have nothing but beers on tap from Texas only.

Texas, Oklahoma and most Southern  men open doors for their ladies if they are truly country or a gentleman. Most men raised here in the south were raised to open doors and assist women in any way they needed: to be chivalrous and run to someones aid when they need help; which is not something New Yorkers do for sure. Not to say that there are not feminists here because I know a few but the majority here is good ol' boys. I for one enjoy that, I am not a feminist; yes we should make equal pay if we do the same job, we should all be held to the same standards but that doesn't mean if some guy  wants to pay for dinner and open my door for me that I'm going to be rude and say hell no.
It's a sign of respect for you, he wants to nurture you and love you and be your defender and for you girls out there who don't want that, well that's just sad to me that you wouldn't want someone to have your back. It doesn't make you weak it makes you feel loved.We women all want a knight in shining armor then bitch about it when we get him, saying he's sexist,get over yourselves please and stfu for the rest of us that really want it.

I raise my step son to treat a woman with respect and to always defend her, never to hit her and always talk respectfully to her and your elders. This is what Southerners do and if you don't your ass get's whipped.Hell my grandma even made me pick my switch! That is not the case in so many cities these days, everyone is so afraid to teach their kid respect and discipline and likely why the crime rate is higher than back 20 years ago or even 30 years. Kids need discipline and to learn respect and it's up  to us to teach them chivalry, and girls to act like ladies not sluts like they do these days. We need to teach them to respect themselves and others or we are doomed as humans. If we could only pull our head out of our ass and look away from the phone for an hour or two to see what's really going on with them, then just maybe,  we will have some hope. 

Pay attention to your kids guys, take their phone away put yours away for 2 hours out of the day just to have dinner ,talk or watch a show together. Don't allow them to text or talk on the phone when you are speaking to them.Teach them respect, chivalry and manners.

Over time its meaning has been refined to emphasize social and moral virtues more generally, and the Code of Chivalry as it stood by the Late Middle Ages was a moral system which combined a warrior ethosChristian virtue and courtly manners, all conspiring to establish a notion of honor and nobility.[4]

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