Thursday, October 23, 2014

Excuse me but you're not skinny enough

I was chatting with a friend the other day when she was down about her weight. Now this girl doesn't have a problem with weight she is actually a tiny thing but even then she still thinks she needs to be smaller.
This kind of mindset is sadly the mindset of most women big and small. Everyone is always harping on the fact that we want big women to lose weight and in doing so overlook the ones that are tiny little things but still feel obese. This is a serious problem people. I have experienced it ,been there done that and struggle with it everyday just like so many others. I am constantly told by big girls to "stfu"or "I don't want to hear it skinny bitch." Well to them I say NO!
We have every right to bitch or feel insecure about our weight as they do because like it or not we are the same ladies. Skinny girls have the same thoughts big girls do. Here's what goes through my mind in a typical day. "Oh no my ass looks big, look at my stomach it's gross and flabby, my tits are sagging, look at these stretch marks, I'm not thin enough ,I look huge, I shouldn't have eaten all that food." The difference is I go run and exercise in excess or starve myself to lose it while some people  stress eat and compile more. Both ways are still damaging to our bodies.
We do this shit to ourselves because some asshole at Style or Cosmo or Victoria Secret  magazine said this is what is the acceptable size and slaps a picture of an emaciated white girl on the cover. When I say emaciated I mean that bitch is so skinny Ethiopian kids are lining up to give her their food!
Even J-Lo looks thinner now. I mean what is up with that Booty song? What booty? I didn't see much of a booty. I wanna see some Selena Quintanilla booty or some Nicki Minage or that tennis player Serena Williams! Now that's the booty I'm talking about and all very healthy, very beautiful women.
Ladies men do not look at us and think "Oh God she's fat or she has too many stretch marks" They mostly are not that shallow, they look at us like we are the only thing on earth when we are in that bedroom with them. They don't see our "flaws" or what we perceive as flaws. They see curves and beauty  and softness and a naked chick standing there ready to give it up. Trust me after that they don't care. Have you ever had a guy kick you out of the bedroom cause you had a little weight on you? No, you haven't cause you're naked and available; that's all they care about in that moment.
This is a ridiculous thing we do as a society, we break women down to the point that they feel that a size 4 is fat. When are we going to stand up and say enough! 
Fuck your photo shop bullshit. Men do not succumb to this peer pressure.  When was the last time you saw a guy look in the mirror and complain he had more chins than a Chinese phone book or that he felt fat? They don't ladies! They strut around like proud peacocks with their belly sticking out like it's  a contest for who's is bigger. They wear bad toupees,  they belch and fart and scratch their balls! This is not who we should be trying to impress. They have other things they worry about like erectile dysfunction but not weight.

So I say to all my beautiful ladies out there be proud of who you are and what you look like. Beauty isn't just one flower but several different flowers that make up a beautiful bouquet. If all the flowers were the same it would be boring. Your personality makes you who you are the rest is just a bonus. Embrace it and if someone doesn't  like it ...well they can go fuck themselves. You do you and remember it's all about that bass.

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