Monday, October 27, 2014

Being an adult...making time for us

We adults do little these days to make time for ourselves and family. There just never seems to be enough time in our week to do this. Ah ha but there is, you just have to eliminate some of the minor things to make time.

My friend who has kids and is married was saying that she misses the gym. She used to go seven days a week but works so much now that she can't. Now although that's great it's also unrealistic,but she can go 3 times a week even 4 and not seem selfish if she plans dinners ahead of time or if her hubby helps her. There is always a way to make time if we are desperate enough.It's not selfish to want time to yourself to go to the gym or paint or hike or to do whatever you feel that makes you a better you.We all deserve this "down time" or we may drive ourselves to the brink of insanity!

I know I know you say I've got kids, practice, dinners to fix, I've got to clean the house or mow the yard all while you have some monsters clawing at your leg for more cereal and milk. Screaming at you that the dog got out or school and life isn't fair or a teenager that doesn't know how to plan a head so she's screaming at the last damn minute "I need to go to the store for a project due tomorrow!"  while you scream " DAMMIT WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE A BANK AND A TAXI.?WHY CAN'T YOU TELL ME IN ADVANCE?!"While you are pulling out your hair,trying too get dressed to go to the store when secretly you're just wanting a bottle of whiskey or rum just to drown out the constant demands and wishing she would just quit stealing your fucking makeup and clothes and get a job!. Ahem sorry I got carried away, where was I ?Ah yes making time for our selves is ever so important so that we don't go all psycho dad or bi polar mom on our kids. Remember if we are good to ourselves we will be good to them.

So if you want to go do something for an hour or two three times a week for yourself then do it. Come on you can skip cleaning the house it won't explode I promise, someone else can cook one night or you can plan ahead and make a meal for the next evening while you do your thing. It's all about what is truly important to us, what we make a priority. Don't make excuses to not live your life because one day you''ll wake up and it will have passed you by.

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