Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Please don't litter but by all means kill yourself.

I was cleaning the house one day and happen to stumble upon a cigarette packet and as I picked it up to throw it away I read the side label that said : please don't litter. I laughed at this because the first thing that ran through my head was, don't litter but go ahead and smoke that poison.
I found this ironic that they expect you to care about the environment when you don't care about yourself enough to stop.
Now before some of you get all twisted up about this ;parden the pun , I need to set yall straight. My husband is a smoker ,it drives me crazy ;even after the Dr told him he needs to stop because he has the beginning signs of COPD he refuses to. I have been told that quitting smoking has been compared to quitting heroine. Now I wish people would stop using that as an excuse . Yes ,it may be very hard but I have known hardcore drug addicts that have quit drugs so if they can so can you. It's a terrible habit and one I would hope you wouldn't want to pass on to your children. 
I had an addiction to alcohol; now I wouldn't say I was an alcoholic but let's just say I drank so much the bloodwork came back that my liver was in bad shape. I was told to immediately stop and I did and it was hard. I got the shakes ,bitchy and irritated easily for the first couple of weeks but I did it for my health. I still have a beer here and there but not to the extent I was before.
We all have our vices but smoking is bad news. I don't like it but I live with it. I can't control someone else's actions anymore than I control the weather. I just found it funny that Big Tobacco thinks you should keep the environment clean but not your lungs.

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