Sunday, September 28, 2014

8 things men wished women would stop doing.

Okay gentlemen it has come to my attention  that we as women  do certain things that annoy you as well ; you guys just don't  complain about it as much as we women do because let's face it , it would get you no where.
With that being said i will now list the top 8 things that drive men crazy about us women folk. Yes I said 8 because men seem to have less to complain about than us ladies.
1. We bring up old stuff.
It doesn't matter if it was yesterday  or 10 years ago make no mistake  you guys are correct  we NEVER forget it. As one of my guy friends  said and I qoute " You forget to put the toilet seat down and ten minutes later you're  in an argument about looking at some girl 3 years ago at petes piano bar. That is nuts."
2. Mood swings around that time of the month.
God love them they do put up with our crazy back n forth  mood swings when we are on our cycle. For this we salute you! Although men we also put up with mood swings from you as well when your team loses or you're out of beer. Just saying, let's move along shall we?
3. Feminism , it drives them bonkers. "Do I open the door for them? Do I pay for dinner?" Men are concerned  they'll  set us off now if they are polite. I agree with this belief that feminism is in some ways just plain stupid. I'm a southern girl and here in Texas we are just polite ;we like our doors held for us , we like being catered to occasionally ;go ahead pay for dinner.Why is it any different if a man does it for you than a female friend?  Just cause he's polite to you ladies doesn't always mean he wants something and even if he does that sure as hell doesn't mean he'll get it.
4. Nagging them to death.
Yes ladies i believe we do this on a weekly basis. I for one used too but after 10 years of marriage i just gave up. It didn't matter how much I nagged , he never listened anyways. So it became futile ;men say we should only have to tell them once. Well I agree but I also believe the sky is blue but that doesn't  change it, it's still a blue sky.
5. We bitch about them leaving the toilet seat up.
Oh ,yes sir we do! We complain because at 2 in the morning  when we get up to pee without turning the light on and sit down  in water , we become clearly irritated. You would too! Now i have heard guys say " If we have to put it down ,then she should put it up when done." That makes sense , but we like you guys let it escape our mind as well.
6. Over analyzing  conversations or everything. 
I know I do this occasionally   and it drives men nuts. I hate that I do this , we women all hate this. We go batshit crazy wondering what you meant when you made a comment about our makeup or hair. "Did he like it? Was he being ficicious?  I bet he thinks I look fat."  or my favorite  "he said he thinks I'm beautiful. Does he love me? He said he is lonely ; is he insinuating he wants me to fill that spot?" We are neurotic at times I grant you that but not all of women do this. Honestly some don't give a shit.
7.  Forgiveness and letting go of past mistakes.
We hold on to the hurt they caused us. We hold onto that shit like we were in the Land of Oz and it was those ruby slippers. We act like witches at times because of the hurt. It's not good for you or me and we need to send it light and love and let it go. Holding onto that only hurts us.
8. Complaining constantly and not appreciating them.
  It doesn't start out this way guys but we harbor all the resentment in us and unleash it on the little things  you don't do rather than see the things you do well. Now when things  are constantly  like this I say seek a therapist. Seriously  it's not a joke it's bad now, now she no longer sees you; she sees all the little things you've done to piss her off or wrong her and she's resenting you. It's not healthy and may or may not be warranted but regardless I would seek help now.
This was feedback that was compiled from several male friends of mine. If you have anything you'd like to add to it or share with me please feel free to email me at 
No death threats please. .lol

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