Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pie and relationships

As I was shopping today in Albertsons I passed the dessert isle. They had a wide array of desserts to choose from but I was particularly interested in chocolate pie today so I bought one. Oh sure they had Raspberry , Cherry, Blueberry and of course America's favorite good ol reliable Apple. Although I didn't want those;today I wanted chocolate and by God I would have it.Every once in a while you want something different.
So there I am driving home excited about my decision ,even euphoric over the thought of how good it's going to be when I get home. I had been craving chocolate for a while and built it up so much in my head about how deliciously awesome it was going to be. So I get home and first thing I do is bite into it. Instantly I was let down. I imagined this pie being so epic, so mouth watering good that when I bit into it and let it roll around on my pallet a bit; I was a  little disappointed. You see I built this pie up in my mind so much to be something it wasn't that when I sampled it; I let myself down because I let my imagination get carried away with me.

We do this with people and relationships as well. We build them up so much, make them out to be more than they are; that when we get a taste of the real thing we are quite often disappointed, let down, heartbroken. We want to be happy so badly, we want to find our match ,our other half so much; that we just take( in so many words) our plain simple apple pie and make it Tiramisu. To everyone else it's apple pie but to us it's so much more until we taste it. Then when it's already too late we realize the mistake we made and we realize that there's really nothing wrong with "apple pie". I mean really apple pie is the shiz, but occasionally we tire of it and we want Tiramisu. 

We want that fantasy of the perfect relationship or person,but guess what. They or it does not exist and anyone selling you the bullshit that it does is the biggest ass faker there is. I have seen those people and I have been those people and guess what we are lying out our fucking teeth. Things aren't always perfect , people should know this before entering a relationship or eluding themselves. You may go in thinking your apple,cherry,blueberry pie is the best tasting fucking pie out there until it gets stale.And that my friends is when you're fucked. My suggestion put some whip cream on that shit and close your eyes and imagine Tiramisu cause guess what people; every pie gets stale and dries out eventually it's up to you to make it awesome or go get you a new pie but that one will get stale too. In short relationships are a lot like pie relationships and life are what we make it, we only get one shot..try not to fuck it up will ya?

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