Monday, August 18, 2014

My hero, my inspiration, my brother

As many of you know already my brother was in a motorcycle accident.  The one day he wasn't wearing his helmet and he could have died. Instead he walked away with severe road rash  , a concussion and no broken bones. By the grace of God himself and those spirits that watch over us; he survived.
He is currently in the hospital receiving multiple surgeries to graph skin onto him again.  He is going though this all with the most positive attitude. He hasn't complained one bit through this and his outlook on this is amazing.  He is a ray of light in a dark tunnel and nothing will bring him down.

He is my inspiration; I aspire to be like him. I have known Derek since we were in 6th grade. When I first met him he wanted to be my friend almost instantly.  He followed me around school and always was helpful and kind. This is who he is; this is my brother.  I being the child I was didn't think he was cool at the time but he grew on me. Keep in mind I came from a gangster background so this little white kid trying to be my bff was an adjustment.
Anyways when some time went by he told people we were cousins. Then he fixed his dad up with my mom and said "Hey, now we're brother and sister! " He was always looking for a way for us to be related and he found it. I don't know why he loves me so but he does. He gives me way to much credit for being an awesome sister but I'm so glad he's apart of my life and that he allowed me to be apart of his. He is my mentor and motivates me to be a better me.He is my brother and I love him more than words. I'm so glad he's ok because the mere thought that I had lost him broje my heart into a thousand pieces of which I could never piece back. Thank you God or whatever higher power saved him that day; because I could not imagine a world without him in it.
Enjoy those small, delicate, beautiful, precious moments because they are like snowflakes on a warm sidewalk; they are there in front of you and just as quickly gone.

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