Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love, Sex and Fairytales

Today I was talking to a friend about ; well sex, love and fairy tales actually. We were talking about basically how they seem to make little girls believe that there is some magical Prince Charming that's going to come in and sweep her off her feet; or at least they did when we were kids.That could be possibly why over 50% of marriages end in divorce today. Because we expect too much from these guys. I mean seriously look at Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Frog ; hell even Lady and the Tramp! They all say that some guy will rescue us or do they?

So let's read between the lines here ladies. If your guy can't remember your face after the first date and he has to go try a shoe on every bitch in the kingdom just to find his "true love";there may be a problem.Possibly he inhaled too much Fairy Dust?

 Snow White for instance met the guy once as well and sang him a song and he was magically in love and ready to rescue her from an evil step mother? Damn who was she? Beyonce? This guy was obviously desperate I mean he had to choose between a wicked queen who was pretty with makeup but damn when the lights went out she was a hag or a pale ass white girl who couldn't swallow.

Sleeping Beauty meets a strange guy in the forest. Now I don't know about you ladies but if I was in a dark forest I don't think I'd be talking to a strange guy.I mean I just want to get to my car without being confronted by a random dude. I think that also begs the question ;were we saying it's ok to talk to strangers? STRANGER DANGER STRANGER DANGER!!!

The Princess and The Frog, well well well let's just say she had a bestiality fetish and ummm probably contracted warts after that, if ya know what I mean. LOL  There is no Prince I kissed a lot of frogs and still no prince! However I did get a treckie and that's as close as ya get ,but that's another story. ;)

Lady and the Tramp? My fav, the moral of this story is pretty self explanitory in the title. She's a lady, he's a Tramp who sluts around takes advantage of her and knocks his bitch up, then she has to fight off( well the picture above explains it pretty much) just to raise her family in peace after he says he's going to straighten up, but we all know a tramps a tramp.

So it's not hard to see why we have no more faith in love when little girls can't read between the lines and then we grow up to expect someone to save us from ourselves. It taught us that we always needed someone to fix us or make us complete. When in reality we just need to get our shit together and be awesome independent women, who don't need a man but it would be nice to have one in our lives.

That leads us to the sex part. When we expect a man to be so much well he's gonna fall short in that department as well since we expect him to be superman and what not. So that leads me to conclude that fairy tales suck it! That's just it they are tales, nothing more and nothing less and if you find that perfectly flawless individual, please capture him so we can study him or lay off the shrooms please.

Foot note: I am however happy about the new Disney movies empowering  young girls if only religious groups could quit deeming them lesbians. Geeze

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