Friday, August 1, 2014

Love is all we really want

I was at my local gym the other day and as I was on the elliptical machine I was staring out the huge glass window out toward the lawn.I saw a family meet another family and in greetings the children about 6 or 7 seemed so happy to see this one little girl and grabbed her up and swung her around smiling and laughing. They seemed so excited to see her and there was so much love there, it almost made me cry. For those of you that truly know me,know that's easy to do,make me cry that is. I am an emotional creature I admit.
What I'm getting at is seeing that moment, touched me somewhere inside and it reminded me of that little girl in me that just wanted to fit in, be appreciated and be loved. After all isn't that what we all want, to be loved?

As adults nothing changes,we still want to be accepted and loved. The fear of rejection always lingering in the back of our minds. We carry this on through college and the working world, desperately trying to fit in and be part of something bigger than ourselves. Searching for the one person that will understand us ,that we can connect to, the one that gets us and accepts us. Some of us will never find them and sometimes it bleeds over into our love life. That fear of rejection or criticism it can ruin us. 

Next time you go out on a date for the first time with someone , know they are just as scared as you to be rejected and unloved. When you see someone crying or upset stop and talk to them. Make time for people and even if you don't know them, then try and get to. Everyone needs a friend, everyone needs someone to connect to and talk to. Do this and I guarantee you'll be a happier person and so will they. We all need to just stop, put down the technology, look around you and take in your surroundings.Take a deep breath and see the beauty around you. Reach out to that person that needs you and remember your childhood innocence. When you didn't look at someones color or religion or sexual preference. When what you saw was their soul and their smiling face. We all need to remember there's a child inside of us and we need to embrace that, it will make us a better and younger person. Remember that all we really want is to be loved.

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