Monday, August 11, 2014

Depression and Suicide a loved one's guide to learn the signs

The title above is obviously not true as anyone can be depressed and suicidal and you'd never know.
They can be your wife, best friend, lover, brother,sister, anyone you love and are close to and you'd never know. You'd never know because they are so good at hiding it.
Today Robin Williams took his life. One of the greatest comedians I know , that the world knew and he's gone forever.It's really quite sad  if you think about it ;here the funniest ; seemingly happiest personality and no one knew how sad he really was until it was too late.

That's the thing with depression, no one really knows how sad you really are. It claims you without notice, it swallows your world and before you know it,sadness is all you feel. You forget what love feels like or happiness and you doubt whether it really ever existed. You question everything and wonder what's wrong with you, why is this happening, when did it start? You're lost in your own hell and no matter how hard you climb out or try something always pulls you back down. You look for attention or acceptance where ever you can to null the sadness or forget about it for just a while,but nothing works. Sometimes it's almost impossible to get up and start your day when you really want to sit and cry.


 If you're good you can hide it behind a beautifully deceiving smile. You can fool everyone into thinking everything is fine and life is great when all the while you feel your whole world crumbling. Truly depressed people do not let people in to allow them a glimpse of this. It's like a secret no one needs to know. They feel like there is no one they can talk to that can possibly understand what they are going through. They are right no one can, but they can relate. Everyone has their own struggles ; some are just harder for others. Some are not as strong or are exhausted with the fake ,happy life they have created just so everyone else can feel comfortable around them; so they give in and let go. Can you blame them?Wouldn't you get tired of fighting a battle everyday you feel you couldn't win?

Some say it's selfish or it's the cowards way out. Well to those people I say this. Selfish this is not, they simply are tired of putting on an act to make sure their friends and loved ones don't worry about them and their problems. To do this requires a lot of strength just to fit in or try; and is very selfless to me as they are putting everyone else's feeling ahead of theirs until they decide to think about them selves for once. Cowards, they are not for they put on a brave face everyday to face a world they want to hide from. They would much rather crawl into a bed and let it swallow them than deal with life. Instead they get up, go to work and function as a normal adult as best they can. That to me isn't a coward it just makes them tired and worn out and ready to move on.

To sum this up enjoy the people around you ; make time for them, listen to them and love them with every breath. You never know when it will be your last moment with them and if you just sit show them love and listen you could save them and not even know it. So to you I say quit being selfish and make time for people you feel need it because chances are they really do.

As for Robin Williams rest in peace my friend. You will be dearly missed as your laughter filled so many of our homes and was contagious. God speed