Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Yoga and why I no longer do it...

One day I thought it would be nice to do yoga. I heard it was beneficial to you and seemed relaxing so I went to my local Y and signed up for a class. At first it was intimidating at the time I was out of shape and  trying to bend and pose in these weird positions., downward dog, child's pose, happy baby etc.. just weird. After a while I became acclimated to it and began to enjoy it more until one day there was this guy let's call him "Yoga pants". Well Yoga pants always got there first and almost always was at the back of the class near the wall. Do you know why he did that? You guessed it ladies! He was a perve, the biggest deviant  in that Y as a matter of fact, he was also the only guy in there.  Hmmmm, a bit strange I thought so I started to watch him and sure enough every downward dog we did he was looking in the mirror to see our butts in the air while he worked on his upward dog.
I tried to get there early to get a wall spot so he couldn't look at my ass.  I did a fine job until one day he came along and after class strolled up to me like he was a God and said "I like your form, you've got good form" Ewwww I internally cringed and felt soiled. It wasn't that he wasn't attractive i guess he was kinda but him being a creepy perve just nullified it for me. So I stopped going after that and really it wasn't for me I'm too hyper to sit still for too long. Women do not want to be eye fucked gentleman when they are exercising, we do not want to feel like we constantly need to make sure our panties aren't showing through, or our pose isn't right because some weirdo is watching us. If you want to check out ladies go to a bar and leave us to relax in our environment of fellow gym rats.
Later he would say hi to me occasionally and I'd ignore him, act like I didn't see him when he clearly saw that I was married and still kept pursuing me till eventually he got the hint. Now he says nothing to me and that's just fine with me. I like to make friends and I have several at the gym that are male and none of them make me feel violated or cringe. They come there to workout not too hook up. If you're into that then try 24 hour fitness. I hear that's the IT spot for hooking up.
So ladies next time you're in a downward dog and a guy is checking out your ass and it makes you uncomfortable, let one rip and see if he thinks that's attractive. That or you may attract a whole new kinda freak.

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