Monday, July 28, 2014

Why some people shouldn't be allowed to breathe

We all have that one person we work with.You know , the one that is the busy body ,the know it all, the one that's always running their chatty Cathy mouth.  They are quite annoying and have that fake smile. Feining concern about your well being only to try and pry the whole story out of you as to why you are angry or sad or happy.
It drives them nuts to not be in the know. In your circle of trust.

Those are the people that take up valuable space and oxygen and should cease and desist immediately.  Unfortunately that's not going to happen so you smile back with your fake work smile and maintain a professional persona the whole while you are envisioning throat punching them.

They are the harbingers of death...the pot stirring, pretentious ,self centered assholes that keep HR busy. Yeah those kinds of people.

Well I know now what their purpose is's to make us stronger , to make us smarter and to help us build patience and tolerance in our lives. Because God knows it takes a lot of tolerance and patience to not strangle them.
So next time one of them aggravates and nod and walk away and know they are just another test in life to make you a better person.  Oh and pity them because it's a sad hollow life they live that's why they try to live through everyone else's.

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