Sunday, July 13, 2014

There's no crying in Soccer!

Well today we decided to sit down as a family and watch t.v. together. Now if you know our family this is a rare experience as we are all usually off doing our own things. Don't get me wrong , we do spend time together but T.V usually isn't it. So here we are as a family unit sitting down to just about what every male in the world over is watching not golf . I would have gladly taken that over this. You guessed it soccer!
Now I am myself new to this form of  "football" I am not a huge fan either and here's why. It's like watching paint dry. There's not that much violence like in hockey  unless they inflict it upon their selves to stall the game. It doesn't have a clock on the field and the damn timer keeps running even if you're injured. Hense the pansy ass men running around hurting themselves at the last damn minute on the opposing team so they can stall for time only to be high fiving someone later in the game or hugging them while they cry. -_-

Now seriously here's where my ass gets chapped. I mean I have zero respect for grown ass men on the field running around kicking a ball ( which does take mad skills) and getting hit in the head only to later cry because they lost or are losing. Really? My 15 year old girl does that at volleyball games  she plays occasionally but again guys...she's 15 and a GIRL. So what is your excuse? I mean I understand it's ok for a guy to cry sometimes, no really I do. I totally get that but that's for serious stuff. Stuff like your parents died or your girl left or dog died or all of the above. I better stop there before I have the makings of a country song.
 Anyway, the point I'm getting at is THERE'S NO CRYING IN SOCCER! Grow a pair guys! I mean you play with balls all day you think you'd at least own a pair?

In American football there's no crying.Well unless your  Knowshon Moreno or you play for the Cowboys and only then is it acceptable. Can you tell I'm a Bears fan? Lol, The point is this, in American football  we may have spoiled ass players, but that is our fault as the consumers of their tickets and merchandise,we made these monsters but that's another blog. We do not cry, we cuss, we pray  ( Tim Tebow ) ,we slaps each others ass, we high five, we dump Gatorade on the coach but we do not cry. Occasionally there is a crier or two but not every player on the damn team. So what I'm saying is boys..MAN UP!

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