Saturday, July 5, 2014

Love is Foolish

Love ,what is it really? We as humans ask ourselves this question at least once in our life. So what its it?
Is it when we share the last bite of snow cone, or when we say they are beautiful, or when we delude ourselves into thinking this is the one. is none of these things.Let me tell you what it is.

Love is when you sacrifice all you are and all you could ever be to make the one you are with content and them being content makes you in return happy. Love is not vain ,it is not about looks but your soul.  Love is changing a colostomy bag for someone who cannot care for themselves, love is giving your last dime to a friend so that they may eat even though you didn't have it to give. It is when you listen to someone and truly communicate and understand what they are saying,when you feel their very soul. When you want to heal them and fix everything to take away their pain and mean it. It's when you would put yourself on the line for them if needed. That my friend is love, although many of you do not know this or have experienced this ,but if you were one of the lucky few who have,then you are truly blessed. 
Some people pass their selves off in life claiming to love, but it is unconditional it is not selfish or boastful. some people go through life never feeling true love and always wondering what it is. I was lucky enough to feel this.

There is a quote saying  'It is better to have loved and lost,than to never have loved at all." Well I'm not so sure about that. Sometimes the loss is greater than the love and it leaves us broken inside and if..if we're lucky enough to ever love again even at a fraction of what we once felt then we are blessed to have moved on. Some never do and build a wall around themselves and stay content enough in their wall until hopefully one day someone breaks it down,but for so many this is not the case.
Building a wall doesn't protect you ,but only makes you a prisoner to that lost love that never deserved you, never earned your love and respect and never appreciated the beautiful person you truly are inside because they were so vain and self centered or afraid of getting hurt themselves they shut you out. They didn't make you a priority or consider you as someone who could possibly be the one. 
In short Love is something sacred and not everyone gets it ,so if you are lucky enough to ...cherish it, relish it and thrive in it. It is not always about a lover it can be your best friend or family it can be anything or anyone or anything who your heart truly beats for. Love is is what it is. Sometimes it's heartbreak, sacrifice, sadness. Sometimes we have to let go of it in order to love others,but it's still love and nothing or no one can change it. After all we're only human. ;-)

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