Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'd like to take a minute tonight to reflect on jealously. Jealousy has caused friendships to wither and die , neighbors to turn on each other , lover's to quarrel,  wars and co workers to hate you.
It's quite stupid really but it's always there. Looming in the background waiting to emerge and claim it's throne.  Jealousy has been around since the dawn of time. Look at Cain and Able ,at Jesus and at Martin Luther King .
People were jealous of Jesus..threatened by him ,so they crucified him. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered because of jealousy and fear.
People are jealous of what they fear,they fear what they do not understand. It's really quite ignorant but it is the way of the world.
Are we not better than this? To judge a book by it's cover? I've done it too ...we all have . The difference is to try and understand them before we cast the final vote. We don't know what moves them ,what makes them who they are. Why hate them? Why fear them? Why not try and understand them? I am many things but what I try to be is understanding but even jealously rears it's ugly head at me occasionally.  If I fear losing someone I become jealous ,we all do. That is human nature but what separates us from the animals is understanding.  Take the time to understand someone or a situation before you judge because people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. You don't know what someone went through to be who they are today. Who knows ...you may even respect them a little.

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