Sunday, July 20, 2014

If you wanna make me cry play some rap music

Today I was thinking about what could possibly posses someone to actually want to listen to this stuff? A co worker asked me to download some music for her as I do occasionally and this is her music of choice. Now don't get me wrong everyone is entitled to their own choice, but some people just aren't that good at them. I mean look at Lindsey  Lohan . Rap just makes my ears bleed.

Now I know that comparing someones music choices to a drug addict is a bit extreme, but any of you who know me know I am a tad dramatic. Well as I was downloading this twaddle it occurred to me that if you are what you eat then, are you what you listen to? If that's the case then I would suspect that this person has a very low self esteem. If you think that listening to people rap about their bitches and their drugs  is good music ( I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind) or in anyway educational perhaps you should shake it up a bit and check out Debussy Claire de Lune and meditate on it.No one got inspired to shoot someone on Debussy.

Don't get me wrong I love a good rap song as much as the next girl, yes I too like to "shake that ass" but call me crazy  listening to a dude call me a "crazy ho" or his "bitch"  and telling me he's gonna show me his 10ft ...well you know. Well it just lacks, I don't know.. inspiration for me. Good rap music to me was Coolio or Ice Cube in their later years as they grew up and realized "Hey, we don't have to shoot each other". Rap can be fun and educational, our kids can either listen to crap about getting jacked or you can listen to educational rap to learn English for one.

Anyways what I'm getting at this, society today is crumbling and this isn't helping it. I do occasionally listen to some Drowning Pool or Cold Bloom (nice plug there for ya Geramy ) when I feel the need to express my rage or just vent, but rap about killing people and demeaning women was never one of them. I like to think myself eclectic I love all genre of music, just good music.

Music is inspiration! It can change the world for you or it can help you destroy it. 
*This blog in no way reflects the views of our day to day society and only reflects the views of the awesome person who wrote this.

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