Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A beautiful sunlit day

How wonderful to lay on a blanket in the grass on a beautiful fall day watching the leaves blow by with a good conversationalist.  To just sit there and talk about random topics,nothing as boring as the weather but deep meaningful things. Also some not so meaningful , like how we like odd things like cloudy skies or dead trees and good blankets that snuggle you just right.  We would  talk about love and if it's real or just some childish notion,about how we like the sound of rain on a tin roof as we lie in bed,  about music and good books and what we will do when we're old.
Talks that can drag out all day and night and never grow tired of each others company. We would notice details of the other like the flecks of color in their eyes or the way one smiles a slightly crooked smile or the way their hair lays or blows in the wind, notice the way their hand feels in ours. We would worship each other and those precious moments together. We would cherish what others would not.

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